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    I tried replying to the email you sent me but it looks like the reply to address is invalid. If...

    I tried replying to the email you sent me but it looks like the reply to address is invalid. If you can send me your correct email address I can send you the registration instructions.
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    Facebook is the answer to your question. There is an old guard that posts here on the RF but NEW people, which are very important to reach, and many interested in a good interface to videos photos and event management now use facebook as a primary site. So if we are talking about the answer to...
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    The Rotary Forum is a form of social media. It is like someone in a 1992 Ford complaining about people wasting their time in the 2016 Fords. Facebook is FAR better for media like photos/vids and much better for event information. Just as a decade ago the Rotary Forum was better than the...
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    That depends on what year and what you mean by "turnout". If you subtract the rotorcraft that are always hangared at Wauchula the 'turnout' is always much smaller at BDays. There are enough gyros at Wauchula or within a few miles to make ANY event at Wauchula one of the nation's largest...
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    Mentone video / images

    Thank you Stan! .
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    Mentone video / images

    Yes, isn't it great! .
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    Exactly. FB is FAR better for posting images and videos then the RF, also very good for event coordination. "computer forums" got the same (and still do) "for kids" treatment, and still does by some of the older folks. The RF is not going to reach many new pilots and expose new people to...
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    Aluminum frame structure from 2-place gyroplane

    Aluminum frame structure from 2-place gyroplane (Air Command) for sale. Includes EJ-22 engine mount. Local pickup only. $100. Cincinnati, Ohio. Some new additional 2x2 pieces not shown. Mixed used and new AN-hardware included.
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    4-Sale: Subaru EJ-22 Aircraft Exhaust. RAF style

    4-Sale: EJ-22 Aircraft Exhaust. Includes shroud for carb/cabin heat and pre-drilled for EGT probes. $350 + $40 shipping CONUS.
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    Happy Birthday John Roundtree!

    happy birthday!
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    30 Days left to sign up for Sport Pilot Gyro Ground School

    Only 30 days left to sign up for the 2016 LIVE ON-LINE Sport Pilot Ground School starting in January. If you miss this session the next session is 2017. Information here:
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    Dean Dolph is in the hospital

    Get well soon Dean!
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    GoFundMe Campaign for Bourbon the Sidecar Dog

    Link to campaign: If you can share this link on your favorite social media outlets I would be very grateful. thank you. We are raising money to help offset the cancer treatment expenses for our very special dog, Bourbon. Bourbon's incredible story begins in...
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    FOR SALE: Dragon Wings Rotorblade Tie-down Cover Protectors

    I am sorry, I don't remember where I got them. I think someone was selling them at Mentone 2008