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    Hello Tim,

    My name is bill kidwell aka-- kid

    I suddenly find myself in great bend Indiana to pick up another food cart for my business.

    since I am going to be in the area anyway, I was thinking maybe I could see about vending the event while I was there.

    I currently have a food cart and and an ice cream cart. this newest addition will add coffee and smoothies to the list.

    I realize this is a short notice deal and if Time is an issue then I will fully understand

    Bill kidwell

    Snack Shack vending

    It is best to email me, I don't check the messages here. The BOD is in full support of Dr. Starks class. We have posted about it on the PRA facebook page, web page, this forum, E-Alert and information will be in the next Rotorcraft. The best way to advertise is word of mouth so tell everyone you can.
    Hi Tim. I participated in your webinar "communication in the patttern" and I enjoyed that. Why I am writing is to see if you are supportive of Dr. Bob Starks proposed course "repairmans certificate". I think this is how it is described as being. Given enough registrants, Bob will teach this course at Mentone. I view this as an opportunity to be certificated to conduct the annual inspection of my gyro, and to do it posessing full comprehension of the points on the task. Tim I am hoping that the PRA board will continue to promote this opportunity for pilots. What are your thoughts and the thoughts of others on the board, is this a good idea? Would you ask them for me? Bob needs a minimum of fourteen pre-signed students in order to go ahead. He has none so far. Maybe if we clear 18 or so we could get a cut on the cost? We need to ask Bob about this possible selling point. I'll wait to hear back from you before I go forward. Thanks, Joe Daly
    Tim, I just acquired a Twinstar from Gary Goldsberry and I am interested in the aux fuel tank you have. Can you share a little info. I will be flying law enforcement missions and I need more than 1 1/2 hours. Thanks, Grover
    Tim, please call me. I have a question related to your ground school.
    941 812-7182

    Thanks, and happy new year!

    - Rick Martin
    hi sir,
    I am a engineer working at a helicopter company in India. I would like to add u in my friend list. I would like to discuss some topics on helicopter blade with u. They are basic ques. Can u explain what is delta1, delta2 and delta3 angles in rotor blade?

    Can you help me understand what it takes to throw my hat in to the ring for any BOD spaces that can be contested? I know we spoke briefly at BD but wanted to get the particulars hammered down and see if I can make a run at it. Thx
    Do you have any instruction time available early in the week at Mentone, I still need three hours dual and a sigh off to solo. Russ
    Hi Tim, I accepted the job of putting together a Bensen Days website for Sunstate. I am just getting it started so dont expect too much yet but you can take a sneak peek at www.bensendays.com. I was wondering if i could get a disk of your photos from the event for an photo archive I am planning. If so please send them to
    Joe Pires
    650 North Lake Blvd. Ste 530
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
    Yo bro!
    I haven't gotten the bank info yet?
    I'd like to study it see what's going to be required.
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