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    Can anyone help? Is this a Mini 500?

    I was truly sorry to hear about your fathers passing. We exchanged a bit of correspondence when I had my Mini 500 project and I had the pleasure of meeting him once at the Bensen Days event in Florida. He will be missed. As for his project it is a one of a kind machine. While he did use some...
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    Mini 500 vs Mosquito, vs Rotorway

    Mosquito and Rotorway both are current production machines that you can get parts for and have staff to answer questions, Revolution (Mini 500) went under 20 years ago. But keep in mind if you buy a 1982 Rotorway Exec don't expect the factory to have parts for it. They may have some stuff that...
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    Fixed wing trying to learn rotor in Knoxville TN

    Hi Dan. As you can see, not a lot of helicopter guys here. But there are a few and you never know when something interesting will pop up. Check your inbox (or whatever they call it here), I sent a PM.
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    So what gyro would you buy if you were just starting out and knew what you know now?

    According to the Nashville FSDO, no there is no time limit for the builder on record to apply for a repairman certificate.
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    Skeeter Jr.

    Dynali uses the 912.
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    Wanted: Westach Dual Tachometer

    The back of the unit is the same as yours except for the way it mounts to the panel. I never opened it up so can't say how its wired. Hope this helps.
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    The start of a new adventure begins with a Vortex

    I literally laughed out loud. Nice to see another build (or in this case rebuild) on the site.
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    Wanted: Westach Dual Tachometer

    I have a 3DC5-128 that came out of a 145 Scorpion I had. When I switched the ignition from the mag to a points system it blew out the engine side of the gauge. Rotor tack still works fine. Any interest?
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    Dynali H3 Sport

    This guy has one in Cincinnati Ohio. He's the North American Dealer and I'm sure he'd be happy to answer any questions.
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    One-Design Helicopter, anyone?

    Helicycle is alive and well, look up Helicycle Ventures. As is Rotorway, now Rotor X. Interesting project you have Ben. I like the belt set-up for the counter rotating blades, never seen that one before. Keep us posted. Sorry to hear things have gone south Bryan. I seem to recall this happened...
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    One-Design Helicopter, anyone?

    Had the pleasure of meeting Luciano a few years ago at Bensen Days. He was quite the character and will be missed. Bensen days, Wrens, Bob's Rotorway Gathering, the Mosquito Factory Fly-In, Homer's last Bean Patch Meet, and most recently a Mosquito gathering here in Tennessee are the events...
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    One-Design Helicopter, anyone?

    Well Francois, at some point I realized I just didn't have the skill to turn my Mini 500 kit into a 2 seat machine. I ended up selling everything I accumulated to a guy in California. He seemed very enthusiastic and was a forum lurker but I don't know what ever came of it. My next project was...
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    Sold but stranded in a snowbank in Wyoming. When the roads are cleared it will finish the trip to it's new home in Tennessee.
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    Gyro Rotor Blades

    If I were in your shoes (and I once was) I'd be loading everything up and hauling it to the fly-in. Meet some people that know how to build and set up a machine. Let them go over what ever it is that you have and perhaps they can tell you what you need and where to go from here. Make some...
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    First helicopter lesson in an R22

    From what I've read it's usually around 10 hours before it really sets in. I have 7 hours on the books to achieve a hover endorsement but probably twice that in a single seater 10 years ago plus some time with a couple different helicopter pilots that are not CFI's. It aint gonna happen...