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  • Hi Barney,
    sure I remember you! Looking forward to seeing you again at Wrens!
    My rotors are 27' DragonWings. Perfect rotor for the SnoBird.....never a problem with lifting anyone and still very snappy performance.


    Do you have a good relationship with Rick Hawkenberry? He bought all of the 12 sets of Arrow gears (jumped right in front of me) I hope he will sell me a set reasonable. Call me tonight. 770-607-0144
    I'm pretty sure this the third time I've sent you this message but I can't see anywhere or that it has even been [email protected]%^&*__) :) So it might be easier if you just called
    my cell 513-205-2484 shop 513-541-4744 or 800-716-2560 or email at [email protected] Barney I can build a website , network your whole building ,
    pull a ford sportrac into my shop on Friday put a whole new frame on it & pull it out for work Monday , Build my Commercial building to code ............... but I can't post this damn message!
    Barney this is jay hangar 36 I see you ride to, we've made some trips down your way .
    I was wondering if you had your pilots licence yet? And yes we plan on training in the near future. We're hoping to have the SVH-4 running by the end of summer. We're not to far away so it might be a nice ride for you to come up an try it out.
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