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  • hello every body
    i would like to know wich ultra light 2 seater helicopter with high hovering is the best at designe and work
    i have searched many items and brands like alpi sytoah130 with engine solart62
    whatis the better one or seems you?
    hey boy i got pleased with your coment,im working on personal heli..and i have the Furia helicopter plans downloaded too but my big problem is that i dont have a Complete and exact plane
    im mechanical engineer so i get enjoy if i could share in your project
    the best for tsheten8
    oh.... my email:[email protected]
    Hi Bob,thanks for checking on me...:)...and welcome to the forum...Bob,I am sorry because I am myself looking for the AW 95 plans...I tried seeking help from some of the fellow members on this forum...no results till now...are you trying to make a helicopter?...I too am trying to make one...I also have the Furia helicopter plans downloaded...but I have been facing financial problem till now...Bob,if you don't mind will you please give me your email address?...just want to make friends from abroad..ha ha!!!
    Anyway,all the best with your project Bob.Tsheten8
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