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    RAF Engine Swap

    Looks great... Some day I hope to meet and fly with you both.
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    We lost FJ today .... he's flying on angel wings now!

    I still don't want to believe this. Chris, I'm so sorry. The world has indeed lost another great man and you, your best mate. I'm grateful to have had you both for a couple of days each year at ROTR. To listen to your stories of struggles, success and achievements. To watch as you both...
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    2016: What a Great ROTR!

    Today is the first chance since ROTR that I've had a chance to sit down and look through all this and relive the event. Thank you all that came and participated. A special thanks to those that have great camera and writing skills. You have produced great results that make the event come alive...
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    Rotor Head DANGER !!

    Great find Jake... Thanks for posting... Keep up the good work.
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    Rotors Over the Rockies 2015

    Good afternoon all.. Sorry I haven't been on here for a while. A little up date from me. The yellow RAF2000/GBA conversion has just had a fresh timing belt, water pump and and all pulleys replaced. The oil pan has been sealed and hopefully that will solve the seep problem I was having... If...
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    Attention Local Chapter 2 Members

    Thanks you Two for the great adventure! This day goes in the journals and crosses of several on the bucket list!
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    Brigham City, Utah

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate Glen and his enthusiasm. I love that we are kindred souls, with the same level of freaked...out! Maybe it comes from forced landings or maybe we are just a little conservative. Either way, it's great to enjoy our flights together. I love his skill...
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    Spectator view of the Turbinator

    Very nice!!! Your command and control of that helicopter is fantastic... Thanks for sharing.
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    Rotors Over The Rockies 2013 Official Thread

    We have concluded a great, gathering of some of the finest people on earth. The airport is quiet with reflection of a friendships renewed and fantastic airtime. I thank each and everyone of you for your efforts to get here, your flying and building skills, but mostly for the safety and respect...
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    Rotors Over The Rockies 2013 Official Thread

    Enjoyed a beautiful flight with Mike B. this morning... check up complete! Then off to Ogden airport, flight of 6... New record for Utah! The tower operators there are fantastic. Always pleasant and helpful. They handle congested traffic with ease and grace. All of the gyros that have...
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    Rotors Over The Rockies 2013 Official Thread

    UPDATE: There are 4 flying machines at the Brigham airport! Weather couldn't be better. I have to fly! That is all. :)
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    Help....A bit of a worry re RAF SA...

    Paul, If your willing to share that file, I would be interested in an electronic copy.
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    Uncle Utah's Gyro Flying

    Great shots! But my heart rate is about 200 bpm just watching that. That's what you call TOTAL COMMITMENT! Putting your ALL on the line for a great video.
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    To sell or upgrade... That is the question!

    I am selling my set of 30' RAF blades and hub bar. My blades have approx. 145 hours on them and have flown like a dream. The serial numbers are 3723 AGCT and 3726 AGCT. The hub bar is the standard ground adjustable bar. I don't have any information about what generation blades these are and I...