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    Hi Nicolas,
    Thank you very much for your reply. Yes I am very interested in flying with you as it would still be valuable training and it would be great to fly a gyro again. Would it be possible to contact you directly by phone or e-mail? I have requested some holiday for next month and could visit then if it's not too soon.

    Hello Pete.
    We can offer training with the 2 seater BUT..... It will worth NOTHING as far as licensing except if you will fly ONLY in Cyprus. Even this may change soon. Cyprus DCA does not issue any JAAR or EASA licensing for gyro copters ( only for aircraft and helicopters). Once you get the training and we let them know that you are OK they accept your PPL ( if you have any) to fly the gyro. Other wise they will give you a certificate which is only valid for Cyprus.
    We are trying hard to have them accept that a gyro is a deferent class and to issue licenses for them, so... i hope soon they will be able to issue proper licenses. Till then we can only offer training for you to build your experience or for flying ONLY in Cyprus.

    Hello Nicolas,
    I saw with great interest that you operate a two seat gyro in Cyprus. Do you offer instruction on it? I am a British Avionics Aircraft Maintenance Engineer based in Bahrain working on fixed and rotary wing and I currently have a Single Engine Fixed Wing Private Pilot Licence. I managed to carry out a few hours gyro training in Florida many years ago but I really wish get my gyro licence and eventually have my own machine. The national airline fly direct to Larnaca from here so I can travel there very easily. If you are unable to offer training, do you know anyone in this part of the world that does? I very much look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Pete.
    Hello Kevin.
    The only think that delays releasing the plans is legalities which i am sorting out, so soon they will be released. I will email all that emailed me, informing that they are available, as well as posting in the forum.
    tail is NOT included in the plans ( except of an all aluminium ruder option). The tail IS available ( HS+ Vert. stab or HS+VS+Ruder) with all the incidences preset. The initial price will be around 550 and 700 Euros plus 50-100 Euros for 4-7 days shipping and insurance worldwide.
    Hello Nicolas: Liking your new design very much, I want to know if you are ready to sell your plans for the entire machine, or at least, the tail.

    What about buying the tail, or a kit to assemble, of the tail?


    Portland, Oregon, USA
    It has been over a year since I sent money in for a glider order I had to cancell. I have recieved all but $3868.00 back. Been waiting patiently, but now not so. What can I do to get the balance.
    Respectfully, Mickey
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