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  • Hello Will. Just seen this message..... Nothing is done yet for the UK. It is too complicated and expensive for just 1 country. When we finish the development and certification of our new models we might go ahead with UK certification. At this time the only way to go ahead with UK certification is a with a UK partner that will get excursive rights and do all the steps required... even as an LAA endorsed kit.
    Hi Nicolas - any news yet on getting your machines into the UK please? Will
    Gday Nik, i dont know how to use these message thingys, so if you could, please, send me a private mail so's we can chat.
    Thanx mate.
    Hi Nicolas, I have been trying to get you via email. I sent you one recently about keeping the UL option and not getting a refund. I look forward to hearing from you
    Rudy, I do not speak French. we have built ultrasport and mini 500 in the past.. but not helicycle yet.
    I will be at the office on Wednesday and i will see exactly what happened. I have not been to the office for 3 weeks, 1 week for business in Greece and then took my family for holidays.

    Also if my Assistant finds out something before Wednesday she will let you know.
    Hello Nicolas.

    Thanks for reply.

    Isent E-mails to that address as usual!!!

    Today I received an E-mail from your assistant and she explained me everythings...
    I just hope to get parts as soon as possible, because it takes too long.

    Thank again.
    Hello Miran.!!!!

    I have not seen any of your Emails!! where did you sent them?

    My Office assistant, Although we are closed till the 24 th of August, informed me she communicated with you, and that she is trying to get some information for you ....( 90% of Cyprus population is on Vacation for 2 weeks in August.. so things get quite slow during this period).
    Sorry.... Email me your Phone Number and i will call you right away!!! and give you any info you need in person.

    I will also call my assistant and see what she has learned.
    Hello Luciano. I only supply the kits with the fiberglass kit. That way i am going to be sure that when you built the gyro will be like the prototype. Soon we will be suppling only full frame, full kits and ready built machines.
    Yes, email me at [email protected] and we can arrange something. We are experimenting with new carbs now on the 2 seater so if everything is fine with it and we have tested it for at least 5 hours with no problems you can come and have some flights. I hope it will be ready next month.

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