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  • Hi Aussie Paul.
    Just wondering if I may get the drawings of the process of moving the landing gear on the RAF back 5". It would be most helpful if it is possible.
    Thanks Danny
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    Hi Paul
    Need a bit of help.. Could you show a dinosaur how to upload a video please? I must be the dumbest bastard flyin
    cheers R
    Hello Paul,
    Can you tell me anything about this gyro. Australian registration G424.
    It is for sale here in New Zealand.
    Colin Gibson
    Yes..Finances are rulling out side by side, so tandem it is, I There is an MT03 for 99K, or a dominator at Neil Heinz for aroud 50K Ant idea why the big price difference for machines fairly comparble.... or am I way off the mark?
    I read a article about some guys flying MT03's around Ozzy! 8 hrs a day for 14 days! They must be pretty good, coz I was afraid to take My RAF no further than I could spit!
    I did enjoy the RAF cabin... the side by side thing... being able to see the joy on peoples faces.. but my RAF was unstable to say the least.
    Any comments would be welcomed
    Hi Paul,
    I passed on the Windryder.... price was too high.. especially as it has been unflown for 9 years, sitting is a shed covered in birdd****. Its a fine looking machine all the same. Looking at a MT03.. Will have a flight with Tony Unwin later this month. Hope things are ok with you.
    Hi Paul Thanks for the email will adjust weight and try again. Regards Philip
    Hi Phil, sorry I have just found your message. I don't spend a lot of time on forums at the moment. Send me an email [email protected]

    I think we need to chat. With your light weight I would have soloed you with whatever Lloyd weighs and the rearing back does not sound right.

    Regards, Paul.
    Hi Paul We have never met but your name has come up from time to time here in NZ. I am currently being trained by Lloyd Heslop in a machine known to you ZK-RCW.I purchased this machine from Neil Winsloe and have just soloed.I,m finding transition to solo flight rather unnerving the machine with 50kg onboard feels very foriegn on takeoff it rears up and pulls to the left, once airborne and trimmed out the machine feels very flighty and on landing even with a slight wind wants to go backwards and rears up with stick hard back.Lloyd was going to solo me with 20kg I weigh 89kg I,m wondering if I should add more ballast and further forward on the seat.What would you suggest with 2 up it,s a pleasant machine with one up I,m glad to get down. Thankyou Philip Jordan
    Hi Paul
    Just thought I would say Hi. Went to Mentone this year took my first ride. Changed my mind on the RAF . Think I'll try to get a Appolo AG 1 from Abid went to Zepherhills to see him but thanks for your help on learning about the RAF. Sincerly Scott Williams
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