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  • - Thôi được! Ta sẽ cố hết sức! Tuy nhiên Đằng đạo hữu nên nhớ oan có đầu nợ có chủ. Mong rằng ngươi bớt tạo nghiệt sát sinh...

    Đằng Hóa Nguyên cười thầm, hai mắt hắn lộ ra đầy sát khí. Hắn thầm nghĩ:

    - Lệ nhi! Ta đến báo thù cho con đây.
    dịch vụ kế toán tại quận tân phú dịch vụ kế toán quận bình thạnh dịch vụ kế toán tại quận 9 dịch vụ kế toán tại quận 8 dịch vụ kế toán tại quận 3

    Nghĩ đến Đằng Lệ, Đằng Hóa

    Nguyên không nén được đau thương trong lòng. Kẻ được coi là xuất xắc

    nhất trong đời thứ tư của Đằng gia đột nhiên bị người ta giết chết.
    Thanks Mike and Ed. Those were great stories Ed and I am glad you posted them on the forum for everybody. Like Homer Bell said "we all started on Scorpions" and you are one of the few who actually got one flying properly. Thanks again for the history. Keep the stories coming.

    thanks for your reply concerning coaxial rotors. It's good
    to know that some people find that stuff usefull.

    "Hals und Beinbruch!" to you!
    (This is the accepted way to wish good luck, although
    that means "Break a leg and your neck!", well a bit
    queer but it has been used by german pilots for many
    years ..;-)


    Hey Arnie, What's going on? Are you going to Shelbyville in Sep. ? I'm thinking of going this year. I've never been, but I've been told it is a great fly-in.

    Have you thought about replacing the small heim joints with a little bit bigger ones on your control rods? Ground tested your tail yet? I'm going to try and set up a video camera to view mine inflight to see if it behaves during different types of flight.

    I'm still tweaking my gyro. I'm satisfied with the cooling based on the reports from other HKS owners saying it will cool down even more when I get a few hours on it. I'm going to redo the prerotator to get a bigger reduction. It works now, but is really anemic on no wind days, fortunately we haven't had many lately. I have 10 hours on it now. I'm getting 2.5 GPH fuel burn flying regular and can get 2 GPH if I'm a little more careful or I'm cruising instead of yanking and banking. Take Care, John
    hello arnie im bob and looking for a/w95 plane or other personal helicopter to made
    ofcourse i have downloaded furi plane but i need aplayable detailes to made actual one to flay with it ,can you help me
    Arnie what is your email other than hotmail band I will send you a copy of those..... Gmail or Yahoo I think will handle the size.
    Hi,Why the waterline of the tail gearbox in bell 206 is higher than waterline of freewheeling output shaft?(about 10 inch)
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