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  • Hi Arfur - I got a message at 3.17pm that reads,


    I thought I'd replied to your kind message but I might have misunderstood the system. Can you just confirm you got it?



    I've not received any other so far.

    If you wish you're welcome to use my email,

    [email protected]

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your kind words. I am based in Yeovilton where I work as a Qualified flying Instructor. I intend to train with (mostly) Nick Wright to get my licence and then get an AFI as soon as I can. I would maybe like to operate out of Yeovilton, Henstridge and Swansea in due course.

    I note your comments about the older guys on the forum but I'm sure they won't be too hard on me if I keep it respectful!

    As an aside, I plan on flying G-CINT to France later this year so I really am full of optimism that I can get my licence quickly! I will use that trip to help 'hours build' for my AFI licence.

    Shobdon, eh? I had to guide a young solo pilot back to Shobdon when I was flying a Hawk T1 (c1987) after he got lost!

    All the best,

    Hi Arfur - thanks for your message.

    Good luck with your gyro licence and congrats on your purchase of G-CINT, UK MTOsport #056 ( plus about another 45 earlier MT-03 ).

    Good to have a "modern" UK gyro pilot on RWF - there are several old timers with old singles that spend most of their time in the hanger with the occasional circuit.

    You will encounter numerous old crusties on RWF who are very dismissive of modern"eurogyros" - flying toys, bathtubs etc - never mind.

    Where will you base G-CINT ? I'm just down the road from Shobdon where there is one resident gyro , a Calidus.

    Where will you do your training ?

    Good luck and I look forward to reading more about your training and gyro experiences in due course.


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