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  • John with ref to Paul's post re the CFI situation in Calif.

    I see you with a facility for helping builders assembling the kits along with instruction on the Genesis Two seater at the same time. Teaching good practice throughout the whole process.

    The facility is by the sea so family could come on a holiday for say a two week period.

    The facility has the tools, advisors/supervisors/DAR/instructors to enable the purchaser to come there purchase the kit he needs/wants while getting the flight instruction at the same time. It is in all senses a school with classroom periods on every facet of building learning and flying gyros in a good environment with his family nearby on a 'holiday'. Guess dads could even have family in on the build process.
    Hi nikhil!
    I got one years ago, but never used it.
    I'll need to download the new software and there will be a learning curve but I get it up and running today and PM you.

    My account name is/was sq_bush!
    John, I'm curious, what happened when you turned the rental car back in? Did you have their insurance or decline it? Does your car insurance or the credit card cover repairs or what?
    No Michael, but I knew you were smart, good looking, and a good person JUST LIKE ME .... Hahahahahahah
    Really very cool!!!!!!!!!
    Profound thanks for everything you have been doing on the forum and for PRA. Sorry I didn't say that a long time ago. Based on your efforts and enthusiasm I will officially become a PRA member today. One small checkmark for the PRA and one big checkmark for you John.
    Sir is there any progress on the KB-2 plans. I am still trying to get a copy of the set and the construction book.

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