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  • Hi John, thanks for the note about the 18A for sale. Could you give me some more information on that bird? Isn't Air & Space out of business? i.e. spare parts and on going maintenance might be an issue?
    Anyway, good to see another Sagittarius online - I was born December 8th. ;)


    Hi John,

    Hope all well with you. Just wondering, I thought Nicolas was working on your machine? Was it delivered, delayed canceled??

    Was planning on visiting you and flying it some time this year.

    Cheers, Leigh
    Hello Renard
    I haven't heard of any helicycles being built in France. I would email the Company directly and ask if they would contact any builders in France for you and give them your email address asking the builder to contact you!
    In addition, if I hear of anyone building one in France I'll PM you.
    Hi Rehan,
    Season's greetings!!!! And I hope you have a fantastic New Year.

    I've been sharing with everyone how you are actually making the world a better place. Way to go and Rehan I'm so prod we are friends!!!
    Thank you
    John Rountree
    Hi Brian
    That is great news Brian.
    I'd be glad to help, I'll PM you with my email address and let the fun begin.
    John, can you please email me any additional info that you have Ob the g1sa? I'm seriously considering this build as well. Nicolas sent me an email last week but I just noticed that you were the US agent. Guess we should get to know each other! Anyway, I'm trying to figure out the best way to start. I'm 170 lbs so it seems that the 503 would be fine for me. But if Stan is going to upgrade, maybe I should consider? He can't weigh that much more. I am considering buying the first two stages and then the rest when I'm ready. Nicolas said that at that time I can buy engine, rotors, and prop in the US if I desire to save cost. Your thoughts? I don't know much about these suppies and costs. If it was you, what should I do?? Guide me :) thanks John!

    Brian Willis
    Hi John, Just A line to let you know that I solo`d out with 17hrs the 22nd of Sept. Flew my Honey-Bee for the first time on 9-26-10 for .7 Chuck is an AWSOME Flight Inst.
    Drop me A line when ya get A chance, Later Jim
    Dear John
    Hope you are fine. Hope you completed conference succesfully. MZ Engine company send quotation for MZ202 for $5500. What is my next step?

    What kinda gyro do you fly? And I'm not familiar w/ gyros other than I know they fly in constant autorotation....what is the pitch angle and is it negative or positive pitch? Just curious. Thanx

    Dear All_in
    Thanks for your acceptance as a friend me.
    I am very dream full to build my own Gyro copter. Is it possible my me. May I can really be successful? I am waiting for your valuable suggestion. Please advise me until complete of my dream.

    Dear All_In
    I need an engine for my own build light Gyro copter. Could you please let me know about how I can get the required engine and how much the price. Consider the total load about 1000kg and speed 80km/hr to 90km/hr.
    I will great full to you for your kind support.

    RAN Corporation
    Email: [email protected]
    Did Tim get ahold of you to find out where he is sending those videos to? He wants to get them out soon since we are only two weeks from Oshkosh.
    Leigh, I often think we are twins, we think so much alike. I emailed Nicolas that exact marketing plan... Thank you for being such a good friend!!!
    John with ref to Paul's post re the CFI situation in Calif.

    I see you with a facility for helping builders assembling the kits along with instruction on the Genesis Two seater at the same time. Teaching good practice throughout the whole process.

    The facility is by the sea so family could come on a holiday for say a two week period.

    The facility has the tools, advisors/supervisors/DAR/instructors to enable the purchaser to come there purchase the kit he needs/wants while getting the flight instruction at the same time. It is in all senses a school with classroom periods on every facet of building learning and flying gyros in a good environment with his family nearby on a 'holiday'. Guess dads could even have family in on the build process.
    Hi nikhil!
    I got one years ago, but never used it.
    I'll need to download the new software and there will be a learning curve but I get it up and running today and PM you.

    My account name is/was sq_bush!
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