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  • Hi John, I'm very interested in building a Genesis but still working on wife. How hard is it to get financing on a kit? The price drop really has me chomping at the bit. Any info appreciated.
    Hi Steve AKA Gyro Junky
    Good job Steve. I enjoy your videos and your passion for gyroplanes shows and helps make this site a party. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Thanks for the congrats, John. You guys all make this alot of fun. Hope I have more to share down the road...I mean down the flight path.
    Hi Buddy
    OK Ed I will send you my email address.
    I'm thinking of using it to make an animation of if pivoting around the CG for each CLT HTL and LTL. With a voice overlay of the script so newbies will be better able to understand.
    Hi John,

    Sorry I haven't sent this before…but it slipped my mind.
    If you give me an e-mail address, I will send those three *.pdf drawings you wanted on HTL, CLT and LTL.
    If you need something changed just let me know….

    Hi Darren
    Most excellent news.
    Only might reconsider starting the log as you go.
    As often the pros here can advise you to change something in real time that will save you a lot of time and often money.

    How are you my friend?
    Getting more goodies for my Hornet build soon.
    I am keeping a build log with lots of hi res pics and maybe a vid if I get time to edit all the goofy comments I make.
    I'm not going to post it here til it's all done and presented in a professional manner. I don't want to look like the newbie I am. LOL take care and be well. Darren Hornet Flyer
    Hi All_In,how are you?....All,please don't mind me asking you about you build helicopters?....
    :welcome:Mr John, Hi ole buddy, missed you at Memtone! heard that you had A family emergency, Sorry about that. Anyway I missed talking to you and getting the latest scoop. You get A chance, drop me a message THANKS

    Hi John, Just A line to let you know that I`ll be going to Oshkosh and PRA this year! I`ll be looking forward to seeing you at one of these shows!! I know you`re busy, give me A hit if you get A chance LATER Jim
    Hi John;
    I thought I remembered you posting a link to a free telephone number look-up site but have not been able to find the post using the search function. If I remember correctly and it was you who posted the link, could you re-post the link to me?
    Hi John, thanks for the note about the 18A for sale. Could you give me some more information on that bird? Isn't Air & Space out of business? i.e. spare parts and on going maintenance might be an issue?
    Anyway, good to see another Sagittarius online - I was born December 8th. ;)


    Hi John,

    Hope all well with you. Just wondering, I thought Nicolas was working on your machine? Was it delivered, delayed canceled??

    Was planning on visiting you and flying it some time this year.

    Cheers, Leigh
    Hello Renard
    I haven't heard of any helicycles being built in France. I would email the Company directly and ask if they would contact any builders in France for you and give them your email address asking the builder to contact you!
    In addition, if I hear of anyone building one in France I'll PM you.
    Hi Rehan,
    Season's greetings!!!! And I hope you have a fantastic New Year.

    I've been sharing with everyone how you are actually making the world a better place. Way to go and Rehan I'm so prod we are friends!!!
    Thank you
    John Rountree
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