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  • Hi David
    It is a complete PitBull with zero time MZ-202. It also has what looks like new SportCopter blades. It's has a hydraulic pre-rotator the owner said spins her up to 200 RRPM's.
    We added up the replacement cost of the parts and would cost us over $22,000 to $25,000 to build it with these parts.
    So the short anwser is yes it's is $9,000 Plus what it cost us to ship it down form Alaska $5,652.00 = $14,652.00 or BEST OFFER. We can also deliver her in the states for about the cost of fuel and meals.
    The club may also take payments = installment sale we have sold a Hollman this way as our main goal is to get gyro's and people in the air.
    We hope someone will get her flying. If not the club will.

    I'll email you some photos....
    Was courious about the "PRA 31 San Diego Rotorcraft Club has a tricycle landing gear PittBull for sale with a zero time MZ-202 for $9,000"

    What's the story? Is it complete? You can reply here or my personal email [email protected] Thanks in advance.
    John I need an email address to send you pictures of my rotorhead I can't figure out how to do it in a PM.
    I don't really understand why the pictures are needed. All air command rotor heads are the same.
    Hi John
    I do not know buddy! I'm not a moderator on this forum.
    Ask Mike or Todd.
    Hi John,

    I posted some pics of an old hovercraft under the builders corner and they are gone. Were they removed by the admin or moderators?

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    Well I was looking forward to meeting you so that sucks. But yes, I never got much time off... because if I could not find a volunteer to get it done I had to step up and do it myself. I'm suppose to be back up but without Stan this year it was much harder to get volunteers.
    Sorry I didn't get the chance to say hi at Mentone you where busy. I hope to meet you again in person at another time or event.
    Thank you Jay! Shows me your character and I like the way you think and ACT!!!
    John this is jay from hangar 36. wanted to know if I could post a link to your website on my website?? it will be under the products page then the button named experimental helicopter clubs - training - misc info -related sites
    please let me know if it is OK. thanks
    Happy NEW year to your family and you!
    Hope it filled with joy, peace, love, and flying adventures that you share with us.
    Thank you for your friendship and best wishes!
    Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    May the year bring peace,prosperity, health and happiness.

    Best Regards.
    Hi Rick and Sheri! Sadly my brother death has taken up most of my spare time. I'm still dealing with the paperwork today instead of building as I wish I could. But this too will have an end... Great news about your own airport!!! See you at ROTRs!
    How is it going? Just about finished your gyro? Be good to see you at ror. Sheri and I are in Paulden ,AZ and have put in a bid on a house, it's not to big (2br 1 1/2 bath) but the weather up hear (4000ft) is generaly better than down by Tucson. But the best part is IT'S ON AN AIRPORT! (not realy it's 400ft or so away but I have the use of the runway) . The property has no garauge so we will have to build a comtination garauge/hanger/shop. We should know more by ror so we can talk when we get there.
    Hope everything is going as well for you as it is for me.
    You are so kind David and a good friend. Thank you for the prayers and I your message boosted my spirit so much and that why?
    Will I see you at Mentone?

    Sure have missed your post lately. Hope all is well! I know your brother has health issues and I'm very sorry. Will keep your family in my prayers. I don't know why but I just felt the need to reach out to you.
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