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  • Hey John, it’s Nick from chapter 18. One of our members lives next to someone who works for a local news station in Indiana. He was interested in bringing press to the convention but said he needs a press release from the PRA to submit to his bosses for consideration. Could you provide that for me? Or tell me where to find it. My email is [email protected]

    See you in a few days!!
    John, make and model of the 8hp electric motor for the pre-rotator project?
    Dang, It's on my pool table back in San Diego or I'd take a picture of it for you. I'm at Rotorland USA = PRA airport in Mentone IN setting up the 7/30-8/3 Fly-in =2400 miles away. I'll email the students and let you know.
    Lumenier LU13 II 130kv Professional Motor
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    Hello John, Hey, I haven't received any emails about club meetings in a while, what's the status of Chapter 31 these days?
    Greetings, I've been working 100% on PRA national. I've almost finished all of my wish lists for PRA.
    PRA 31 start having monthly meeting when I get back from the convention after 8/6. I'm leaving on a work detail 7/5.
    Are you sending out a batch email asking people to restart the chapter, go to the meeting or what exactly? If it is to go to the meeting for whatever reason, could you word it so that they let me know who or really how many people are coming? Thanks, John

    BTW I figured out why I had so many messages stored, they still count if they are in the trash....
    Hi John. I emailed you a copy to approve before I can send it out. You may rewrite it away way you wish. Here is the non pretty version where if they click the Jazzen John in the link it takes them to their email browsers so they can contact you for the address as it's not listed in this version.

    PRA Chapter 63 is restarting operations.
    Central Michigan Gyroplane Club!!
    Meeting Sat. 4/28/2018 where MILAN, MI 4:00 PM
    Contact Jassen John <<Click link for directions.
    Starting PRA 63 back up. Next meeting at my house on Saturday about 4 pm with some burgers and brats on the grill after. I have my gyro in the garage and I can show you my submission to the HeroX goFly competition too. Let me know Jassen John if you can make it! I'm just off 23 south of Ann Arbor Michigan.
    PRA Chapter 63 is restarting operations.
    Central Michigan Gyroplane Club!!
    Meeting Sat. 4/28/2018 where MILAN, MI 4:00 PM
    Contact JazzenJohn <<Click link for directions.
    Starting PRA 63 back up. Next meeting at my house on Saturday about 4 pm with some burgers and brats on the grill after. I have my gyro in the garage and I can show you my submission to the HeroX GoFly competition too. Let me know JazzenJohn if you can make it! I'm just off 23 south of Ann Arbor Michigan.

    Didn't get it John, This is the edited version of the rough draft.
    Hi John.....hope all is well.
    Got a quick question......I am thinking of donating my Radial Powered Avromania Gyro to the PRA museum. Do I get a tax write- off for this donation? How does it work? Just checking into some options.

    Hi Barry
    Both the museum and PRA are 501 3c corporations making donations tax deductible.
    You donate the gyro and we provide you with a filled out IRS donation form 8283. It must be valued at fair market value. I expect that would be what you paid for her less the value of the original eng. Then add in what you paid for the radial engine and the combine total is what we could list according to IRS rules. There is a way to get a higher value but would rather talk on the phone about that. 619 743 6712
    I'd like to try to organise some balancing education and training at Bensen days 2018. I have developed a number of options. Do you want to organise this through PRA or should I go direct to the organisers of Bensen days?
    Mike G
    my email is [email protected], maybe easier than pm thro the RWF.
    Hi John:

    I did as you said, I came looking for the guy in the Greek fisherman's cap and found you (really busy at a desk) in the PRA office working on a computer. I did not want to disturb you in your efforts, but the lady at the desk kept razzing you....LOL. According to her, you are a leprechaun...I do not see the resemblance though.

    did attend your seminar on what reasons and situations for selecting a gyro. Sorry you had such a hard time getting started. I work in the computer field, but there were enough guys up there handling things that I did not think one more would help much. I did enjoy the museum on the field.

    God bless,

    Curtis Scholl
    Hi Curtis
    Bummer, I wish you would have Curtis. I needed a break. Got there a day late and never did catch up. She says I do magic to the things I do, pop in and out to help with other things and disappear from the office like I'm protecting a crock of gold. There is more but do not remember. God bless you and yours.
    PRA website down. ??
    Sadly yes. We received an email for Godaddy informing PRA that Godaddy have just migrated our web-site and members should soon see an improvement and that it should be seamless.
    Well it's sure no improvement and they are working on fixing it. But each try takes 24 hours to propagate throught the web. This is the 2nd try for them and won't know unlit late tonight if this fixed worked. It SUCKS!!! Mean while call the office and I will book you manually for anything you wish and when the site comes up I can book it for real for you.
    Thank you for responding to my post concerning Jim Fields. From all that I have read and heard, I agree with you on the CLT issue. I was interested in seeing how his G2 was doing. I have not seen any photos or vids of it being flown by any of it's customers. Can you tell me what was the cause for the accident; pilot error or mechanical failure? And if mechanical, what was it? Thanks.
    They are not sure. He was flying straight and level and the witness heard a BANG and suspect it was the blades hitting the tail from the damage reported. That is about anyone learned as it was an ultralight and the FAA considers them flying vehicles so no investigation was done as it's not an aircraft to them.
    Hi David
    It is a complete PitBull with zero time MZ-202. It also has what looks like new SportCopter blades. It's has a hydraulic pre-rotator the owner said spins her up to 200 RRPM's.
    We added up the replacement cost of the parts and would cost us over $22,000 to $25,000 to build it with these parts.
    So the short anwser is yes it's is $9,000 Plus what it cost us to ship it down form Alaska $5,652.00 = $14,652.00 or BEST OFFER. We can also deliver her in the states for about the cost of fuel and meals.
    The club may also take payments = installment sale we have sold a Hollman this way as our main goal is to get gyro's and people in the air.
    We hope someone will get her flying. If not the club will.

    I'll email you some photos....
    Was courious about the "PRA 31 San Diego Rotorcraft Club has a tricycle landing gear PittBull for sale with a zero time MZ-202 for $9,000"

    What's the story? Is it complete? You can reply here or my personal email [email protected] Thanks in advance.
    John I need an email address to send you pictures of my rotorhead I can't figure out how to do it in a PM.
    I don't really understand why the pictures are needed. All air command rotor heads are the same.
    Hi John
    I do not know buddy! I'm not a moderator on this forum.
    Ask Mike or Todd.
    Hi John,

    I posted some pics of an old hovercraft under the builders corner and they are gone. Were they removed by the admin or moderators?

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    Well I was looking forward to meeting you so that sucks. But yes, I never got much time off... because if I could not find a volunteer to get it done I had to step up and do it myself. I'm suppose to be back up but without Stan this year it was much harder to get volunteers.
    Sorry I didn't get the chance to say hi at Mentone you where busy. I hope to meet you again in person at another time or event.
    Thank you Jay! Shows me your character and I like the way you think and ACT!!!
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