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    I was searching for a cuyuna or 2SI engine manual for the 690-L70 and saw a post you made years ago. Do you still have a manual? I have some what of one that came with the engine but am looking for teardown and rebuild information.
    I just checked the output shaft of the GP460. It seems to be 14.5mm not 3/4". Did you have the shaft narrowed to 14.5mm then?
    Hi Alan.
    Thanks for the previous answer. I just now came across it. I guess that the response was not tied to my email.
    Another question for you please. Both pulleys that you use look like they are meant for a 1/2" shaft. The GP460 has a 3/4" shaft. Did you machine it down? The parts for the pulleys would state the size as ShaftLoc/Bore .75/.5.
    Thanks again,
    Hello Alan.
    Can you tell me where the bendix and its container came from? Tom Milton's bendix drives appear to be quite different. Did you make the container and the mounts? I am looking to get something clean like yours.
    Mike Vadney
    Alan, I have been reading your post on the goped prerotor which I wold like to build. Can you tell me the belt size and the pulley size that you are using and at the top I know that you are using a chevy flex plate but what year is it. Also the unit at the top I know has to have a gear to match the ring gear but what else is it. Is it some kind of starter unit? Thank you for all the info and you have a very nice looking gyro.
    Alan, when you and Matt were building the Dragonfly, did you do a double hang test and if so, did it have CLT?
    Thanks, Mike
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