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    Arrow-Copter testflight, July 2011

    Walter: Ah... This is a very good question ! At present time, there are no General Aviation gyrocopter pilot ratings LOL. So I'm afraid that this once again depends on the country. As an example: in France, you would have to have on one hand a Pilot License (general avaiation), either fixed...
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    Arrow-Copter testflight, July 2011

    Hi Chris Oh, there has been a definite push for a long time LOL. But the fact is that ultralight fans and its European federation do not want to go under the umbrella of the EASA, which, with time, would negate all effeorts to keep ultralights simpler and easier at regulations levels...
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    Arrow-Copter testflight, July 2011

    Sorry, Crhris: not as simple as that unfortunately :0) The BCAR-T certification is indeed the passport to international markets, which have no, or separate ultralight regulations. In Europe, you are either ultralight or general aviation. The AC10 fits into the later category - as I said above...
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    Arrow-Copter testflight, July 2011

    Walter, this will be homebuilt (kit) for most countries, except those that allow for 560 kg categories.
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    European growth in gyros

    No, single place are not "in" anymore since a long time, if you except the home-builders. I am here talking about the manufacturers. This is partly due to the specific French Ultralight regulations, related to the general increase in height and weight of the population: with the present French...
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    Gyroplanes getting more popular???

    Gyro dying away ? Well, definitely not in Europe: it is the fastest growing community in the ultralight (European regulations) pilots community. Since the end of the 70's, accent was made on correct training, and correct design, which in turn led with the time to growth of both the community...
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    Gyrocopter dta j-ro

    Resasi, it is a well known brand... worldwide: DTA trikes have been known for 20 years, and DTA's owner excels in building serious machines. These are used in many countries, nad they own as well a number of record flights. Price is a different question, costs in France being high, and this guy...
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    Maiden flight of Arrow-Copter AC10!!!

    Leigh This is not really what happens: normally, the importer and main distributor for a given country will then check, and where needed ask for changes/improvements/... related to his country's regulations. Depending on the certification national process, this may or may not impact on the...
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    Maiden flight of Arrow-Copter AC10!!!

    No, most countries in Europe know the following categories: - Ultralight, which is an exception to the general aviation regulations, 2 seaters, and cannot exceed approx. 287 kg empty with 450 kg MTOW, or 307 kg empty with 472.5 kg MTOW with parachute, or hydro/amphybian empty 315 kg for 490 kg...
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    Maiden flight of Arrow-Copter AC10!!!

    Very nice to see this, although unfortunately too heavy for European ULM regulations, it is definitely a very nice one. Congratulations for a job really well done.
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    Tour de France 2011

    Hi Ckurz... The first thing you need to know is that, in addition to usual general aviation airfields, France accounts for more than 600 pure ultralight airfields, which are usually far better places to land and stay, with the help of the local people. French do not always speak English, I'm...
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    First Calidus in Poland

    PTKay: different countries have different regulations. Which impact onto two aspects: First, the design. I am horrified when I see that there are still gyro flying e.g. in the USA (and other countries) that have no horizontal stabilizer, although that decades of flying around the world proved...
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    First Calidus in Poland

    I would add that, in Europe, 99.99 % of accidents are related to poor training of some pilots, and /or not repecting the flight enveloppe of the gyro, or/and not repecting the regulations... It is a very long time that no structural failure has been found after an accident on a...
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    Xenon - Magni-MTO Sports

    Albert Two points: Depending on the country, yes, some have a direct control on who buys. In France, a pilot that would be unable to demonstrate his capabilites of correctly handling the gyro he wants to buy could be refused the sales until he has acquired the needed skills. Then about kits...
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    Vtol gyroplane

    Hé, Christian, si tu avais un site qui présente ton projet, ce serait mieux :0) Sorry guys, translating for you: if he had a website that would describe his project, that would probably help him :0))))