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  • ok, sorry that I haven't responded in awhile as I mentioned I'm not home. I'm actually out of the country and I don't always have reliable fast internet but I if I can I will send a few pics when I get to a good wifi area.
    Yes iam interested. And have no problem with the trailer . I would like to get a few pic when you have time. Thank you for your response . Sincerly Scott
    How's things going up north,went out to mentone last week and had a lesson in a raf with jim logan.Jim is a cfi and just started giving lessons again and is located on long island.nice flying machine, nice having instructor sitting next to you and able to talk to them.Do you know of anybody else in eastern ny that have gyros?
    hi Ed
    Hows things upstate? No have not been back down for training yet,hoping maybe to start in may. Have been working alot of overtime to buy parts for gyro.Hopefully I should get my rudder from dick degraw this week and can start installing and then I will be ready for my hang test.Have been waiting for weather to get warmer to be able to paint components.
    I had my first lesson with Chris Burgess on sat, we started working on my takeoffs.A crosswind started to pick at the end of the lesson and was giving me troubles ,I will have to continue in the spring due to the weather. We will have try to get some training dates together if you are still interested. Now I can start ordering my metal for my build.
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