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    The new Magni M26 will be unveiled on April 1, 2020 (teaser video)

    In a webinar last month, Luca Magni stated he expects the M26 to start being available by EOY 2021. Dual controls are optional, no removable canopy (yet). It is not being designed to be a trainer. Will only come with the Rotax 915. He also said when asked that a removable canopy will be...
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    Gators at Bensen Days 2021

    Bensen Days Gators
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    Testing a gopro

    I was going to make the same comment - Hero 7, Hero 8 Black and Hero 9 Black have amazing image stabilization. Of course - if you are getting them as gifts, then the price is much better! :cool:
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    Flight of Two

    Great shots - thanks for sharing!
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    BENSEN DAYS 2021 is Happening!!!!!

    Vance, It was a pleasure meeting you and hope to meet again! We had to dash back north to miss the incoming weather, and I am sorry we didn't get a chance to chat more. Cheers! Jon
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    Adding Speed and Alt to films

    Send me your email and I'll send you one. It defaults to 8 minutes or so as the standard length. What would be really cool is if I could pull in actual IAS from the CAN bus and drop that into the vid. That would be much more useful for newbs like me versus ground/GPS speed. Anyone know of...
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    Adding Speed and Alt to films

    Dashware doesn't work with GoPro Hero 8, only 5,6, and 7. Have to use the GoPro App on your phone to add telemetry data, or so I read in the GoPro forums. Still digging...
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    Instruments for rear panel for M-16.

    Why Deg C and bar? You can change that ya know!
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    Adding Speed and Alt to films

    So..I guess you need some kind of data file to synchronize with the video. Will I get that if I turn GPS tracking on in my GoPro? Trying now...
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    Magni M-24 with 915iS Fuel Flow at 72mph TAS - 3.6 gal/hour.

    Jeff - understand it can input fuel flow, but was wondering if anyone knows if 914's are wired for it.
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    Adding Speed and Alt to films

    I see on some videos some of you smart people have added in IAS and Alt (or maybe it's TAS and MSL) to your videos. How do you do that? Using the GPS on the GoPro? I am intrigued and would like to do the same. Thanks, Jon
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    Magni M-24 with 915iS Fuel Flow at 72mph TAS - 3.6 gal/hour.

    Very nice! Does anyone know if the Kanardia DAQU on a Rotax 914 calculates fuel flow? I'd like to put that on my Digi display like IM has on his 915.