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  • Hello Victor,

    Yes I own a Calidus but with the 912. I never was attracted by floats on fixed wing or gyro so I never dig the possibilities.

    I known that the MTOW is higher when you put float on a Calidus, and if you choose the 914, it probably will compensate for the weight of the floats, but I'm not sure how much the difference will really be.

    Do you want the email of my Auto-gyro GMBH reseller who will be better at answering such interrogations?

    Hi, I assume u own the Calidus. I'm hoping to get one but want to put it on 135pound floats..Therefore also considering the MTO-3.
    My concern is the loss of useful load, resulting in a machine with a possible poor climb rate , long take-off distance and poor performance. I intend to use the turbo charged Rotax. Anythoughts, if u do indeed fly one.
    Yeah.. I've actually met Garret Brown a few times and was doing a class he instructed years ago.. I love the things... It's like flying.. Weight and balance and finesse.. That's why I have always loved operating Steadicam...
    Hello Bob,

    No, I don't own yet a gyro, but I plan to get my license this spring. If everything go as I think, I will probably buy a Magni after that.

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