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    Hornet,Bensen,Air Command or KB-2?

    Air Command CTL.
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    Nigrowsky rotors

    Nunca monte tornillos de acero inoxidable en lugares importantes y estresantes.
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    Engine missfire

    i had this problem and it was of the spark plugs, change it and see that it has another manufacturing number. Sometimes come all the bad lot.
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    Painting Air Command

    Thank you...
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    Painting Air Command

    Hello everyone Someone could tell me, that name, color, number, or reference from the red color of the painting of the Air Command. A greeting
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    Antes de change motor, invierno 376 rpm, 385 rpm verano. Thank you
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    Hi all... I have noted that, when flying in the winter, the RRPMs of my gyro are around 385/min, and in the summer the revs rise to 396/min and even to 402/min in very hot (43ºC) days. I sometimes wonder whether those revs are normal... I use to fly always below 1000 ft asl, with an Air Command...
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    muchas gracias, Un saludo

    muchas gracias, Un saludo
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    Rotax 912 ULS Oil Tank Placement

    Only sometimes.
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    Rotax 912 ULS Oil Tank Placement

    This is my Assembly. This is my Assembly. This is my Assembly, without valves, no problems, so far
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    Polish CF blades

    Something new?
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    Giorgos thread about vibration

    Nobody knows how to answer this question
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    In Denmark - 6061-T6 Where?

    alum.l alum.l Spruce- Europa ----- Germany