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    Customers Switzer 300 swash-plate damage with sailing blades it had been suggested as he left it out they would be a good idea. Blade pockets would have been cheap
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    Nigrowsky rotors

    Presume you mean Cadmium plated bolts not Galvanised
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    Streamlining for tubes?

    Stan Foster did work on the Terbinatorator with a lot with a lot of information & trial results
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    Gyro Technic, Inc. Rotor Blades

    Have a read Max Davies spent some time with us regarding bonding the time & reading was well worth the effort Also here
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    Helicycle wide angle windshield

    Always keep a pic of Stan's to drool over, the fairings were \ are a work of art
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    Forum repairs and Updates

    So much more like old times great to see the forum back to it's former glory there are a couple of glitches but so small as to be non events (y)(y)
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    ASRA new safety directive for TAG gyroplane.

    kolibri I think that the statement is somewhat unfair, "Even TAG implicitly admitted their weakness by quickly replacing them with thicker ones after the 31 Oct 2018 Orange crash". My take on the replacements are they found a break, remember the ASAR report "there was no evidence of any...
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    Wow - Forum seems to be working now.

    Speed much better & initial page much better This is a good feature on another site, had a good trawl through the site is really good now
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    Wow - Forum seems to be working now.

    What is this
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    The forum is in decline; why?

    That is the first post I have agreed with 100%. I sort of understand reason for upgrade but the implementation has been badly managed , there is no going back but am sure a lot of the problems could be ironed out. None of us really like change especially if it does not deliver better results...
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    Training can be an emotional roller coaster.

    The people who make the wheels said "it was uncommon for the bolts to fail." :noidea: That statement would certainly worry me
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    Training can be an emotional roller coaster.

    I would be more worried about the wheel\s & pre rotor problems
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    Forum failure

    Site is a disaster now error mesages every wherescrol to bottom of any page & so slow people ckick messages 2\ 3 times because they think it has not gone :violin:Thought it was bad with last update when it lost my origional name, only just started looking again, Sad it was a realy dynamic site
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    Posting and quoting errors

    It would be nice if admin actually acknowledged the problem they have never responded to any queries i have sent Post time here 17:43 BST