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    Mini 500 vs Mosquito, vs Rotorway

    we wish
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    Mini 500 vs Mosquito, vs Rotorway

    Possibly 2 Greg. Here is a sobering No for a small locating pin
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    Mini 500 vs Mosquito, vs Rotorway

    500 hours without major expense not with a pre owned utility R, B, or S no way, don't know about parts prices for the Mosquito, Mini or Rotoway , but product liability must come into the equation Have hundreds of hours in the 300 and 500 owned a few nothing is cheap or getting cheaper...
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    Bryan Cobb's Latest Aerospace Project

    Good to hear Brian you must be so proud(y)
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    Fatal - Tango Gyro Tango2 [unregistered], near Soyvolovskaya, Vologda region, Russia 21 AUG 2019

    @loftus "reading accident reports of any kind whether here or on other aviation sites, is repetition. In some respects it may be more important to read about the less frequent causes of accidents, as we may forget about them. We have to keep being reminded of those decisions or actions that can...
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    Fetters Newest Manned Helicopter Project Lifts off!

    Its an aerobatic model, light weight no cargo
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    The start of a new adventure begins with a Vortex

    It is just heavy duty ally foil with a sticky back we use it all the time on Fiberglass cabs,it can be bought in 2inch or 12inch roll's the thing to remember is with a lot of commercial Ae bases they have aggressive teeth to ground the base to metal, it cuts the tape and can disconnect, use a...
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    Bird strike?

    Well there you go :oops:
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    Bird strike?

    Just a way out suggestion a lump of ice from a high flier, See what was flying over at your time slot
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    Bird strike?

    That's what I thought but with the general consensus that it is battle damage does not make sense, the initial strike appears to be from the top down with whatever lodged in the lower part of the blade also damage tear is not what you expect from a ground fired object. That's why I wondered...
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    Bird strike?

    In your photo I presume the blade is upside down to have that damage pattern from a ground trajectory, Did you do the lead & copper tests, had a bird strike on a 500 and seen one on a 206 a lot of mess 1 was a Rook medium bird, the 206 was a Buzzard large bird no visible damage on either other...
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    Source for replacement gasket around the door openings?

    Try Emailing sales with a life sized end on picture if they can help the UK address is not a problem, I can ship to you if they wont. They do samples also
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    Ground effect in a gyroplane?

    "As Javier correctly pointed out a gyroplane will fly with less power in ground effect and that has value for a soft field takeoff. He did not mention that the ground effect is less pronounced over anything other than a smooth, hard surface." Reminds me of the story about a Brantley ice cream...
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    Fatal - Magni M16 12-CO, Arceau, Côte-d'Or, France 14 AUG 2021

    I believe Robinson suggested fireproof clothing at one time, before bag tanks. I fly with as much cotton next to skin as possible & no shorts or short sleves. Melted plastic is not nice