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    Barnett J4B Plans

    How about running some extra copies since they are probably no longer copy right protected?
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    Amazing construction techniques

    That is way too cool!!! Do you know if the process is expensive?
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    Failed Login Messages

    IP address has tried to access my account several times. Please block. By the way, I would suggest to everyone that they make sure their password is something unique with different letters, numbers, capitalization, etc. I changed my password already just to be safe.
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    Hacker trying to log in under my Account

    Any one else getting IP address trying to hack into your Rotary Forum account? Thanks to Rotary Wing Forum for alerting me of each of the two rounds of attempts to access my account. The IP address apparently belongs to a group out of Russia and has tried to access my account a...
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    Greg- I am looking into the world of gyrocopters and was glad to see your info on Yamaha...

    Greg- I am looking into the world of gyrocopters and was glad to see your info on Yamaha conversions. Looks like a good idea to me and definitely something I want to look further into when I get a chance to build. Also have my eye on a RAF2000 that only has an EA81 engine. That would seem to...
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    Cabin Width, Height, Leg Room

    Thanks Thanks Thanks for the info. It is great to see a forum where people are so willing to share their knowledge and experiences.
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    Cabin Width, Height, Leg Room

    What are some of the RAF cabin dimensions? Really like to know how much shoulder space, leg and height room? Looking at several models and trying to see which way to go. More interested in the side by side seating of RAF or SparrowHawk than the open tandem models. If you have comparison data...
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    Hollmann HA-2M Sportster

    Very impressive Build Very impressive Build Your build and attention to detail is quite welcomed and impressive. I did look through all of the pages several days ago and just wondering if you had a final build cost at this point. Second questions-- How wide is the cabin interior...
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    Greetings from Missouri

    You guys are being very kind about the old truck and id did come out pretty sweet. I put a 235 truck engine from a 1960-62 era truck per the block casting numbers. Decided to move away from the old Babbitt style engine. Started the appraisal process this week and should have a good solid...
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    Anyone know this RAF mod?

    Still wondering if any manufacturers offer this modification for the RAF 2000?
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    Cost to build a Hollmann HA-2M Sportster

    I really have a good wife, but find that not sharing everything is much, much safer. Right now, I have a number of people helping me with this project and she is taking it pretty well. That usually means that she is up to something too!!!!!!!!!!
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    Cost to build a Hollmann HA-2M Sportster

    Good info and good advice from all. I still have quite a bit or research to do on the basic rules, regs, etc before taking on any of the options. I do enjoy building and working on things which does really give you a ground up feel for what a machine is capable of doing. The obvious down side...
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    Cost to build a Hollmann HA-2M Sportster

    Looks like the aircraft needs some TLC but a little hard to tell from the photos. Nice looking pictures when flying, just wish they were a little bigger. Thanks for all!!
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    Cost to build a Hollmann HA-2M Sportster

    PM sent to John Rountree and thanks again Paul. Forgot to request pictures from John, so would appreciate if you could supply some along with some basic asking price, etc.. By the way, where is the Sportster located?
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    Cost to build a Hollmann HA-2M Sportster

    Thanks for the info and direction. I did send Dave Bacon an email on the Chapter 31 Sportster to see if it is available. I also understand that often you can purchase something cheaper than it can be built, but do enjoy the building part also. Actually am open to either option at this point...