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  • Dmorris
    Dmorris posted a Visitor Message for rdalcanto

    Sorry for the delay just saw your post. I sold my Xenon and do not currently have a Gyro. I do fly a Carbon Cub several times per week. I will most likely get back into gyros this year or next. I've owned 2 RAF-2000's and a Xenon along with numerous fixed wing aircraft. The Xenon...
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  • rdalcanto
    rdalcanto posted a Visitor Message for Dmorris
    Hi David,
    I'm assuming those are your videos flying a Xenon low along a river in KY on Youtube from several years ago? Nice flying. Do you still fly a Xenon/Tercel? I would love to hear what you think is the nicest flying side by side. So far I have only flown a Cavalon. I'm interested to...
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  • rdalcanto
    replied to Close call with a drone
    What do you think would happen if a rotor hit a drone? Most drones I have seen are very light weight plastic. I'm assuming the worst damage would be a dented leading edge, but still fly able. Thoughts?
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  • rdalcanto
    replied to Gyro engine reliability
    To those of you that answered and have never had an engine out with a 4 stroke in a gyro, what fuel do you use? I have access to Ethanol free auto fuel near my house which is probably less prone to vapor lock, and of course 100LL....
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