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  • Dominator For Sale

    Hey everyone, I just listed my Dom on Barnstormers : ( I purchased an acrosport 2 biplane as I am ready for a change and cant keep both. I will eventually build another gyro or look for a two seater but for now it is for the taking. Asking $14000 obo with a custom trailer which most have seen at Mentone. Take a look at the ad and let me know if your interested.

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    Link to ad?
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      Link to ad? you go:


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        Thanks John, was just getting ready to post the link.


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          On NO Montie!!!

          That is a sweet looking gyro my friends.

          Will you at least fly her to Mentone an visit your rotorhead friends?

          I would miss you from the PARTY!!!!
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            looks like Scott Bizers old machine. Good machine, Ive flown it and looked it over several times.
            Thats what she said.


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              Hey Ron hope your doing well. Yes it is Scott's. Scott still comes over and flys it on occasion. I really love flying it, however wanting to do some tailwheel flying and some fun lazy sunday aerobatics, and the local cows are tired of seeing me over the same barn and fields with the gyro. Would like to build one sometime so that will be on the horizon, but for now----to keep the peace with the wife----only one aircraft is allowed.


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                I don't know if I would call the Acrosport lazy but OK :) Great airplane!!


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                  Still have the Dom listed on barnstormers. Will look at all reasonable offers and very negotiable. Flying season is upon us and will be a good aircraft for someone!


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                    Dominator still for sale?? I clicked on your link, it said this ad is not presently available.


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                      it sold a month or two ago
                      Thats what she said.