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Original 3DRV gyroplane ultralight by Monty Hoskins

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  • Original 3DRV gyroplane ultralight by Monty Hoskins

    I have owned this original completed 3DRV gyroplane built personally from Monty Hoskins for many years. Have stored it for many years in my garage. I have many videos of it flying and also the build manual along with wood blade plans from him as well. I have lost interest in taking flight training. Would like to sell this original aircraft. It runs well. Not sure how much it is worth. Make best offer? Aircraft has a 503 Rotax dual carb engine with b reduction 2.58 drive. Also Warp drive prop. Complete aircraft. Could send photos for serious buyer. It Flys very well and I have a lot of video of it flying by Monty Hoskins. Thanks Bill

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    You should post pics here Bill.
    Serious buyers don't jump through hoops the seller does.
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      Gyro Jake,

      Sorry was at work when I posted. Will see about some photos this weekend. None on my phone when I posted.

      Thanks Bill


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        Here is Monty's last built gyroplane prototype that he also sold CAD developed plans for at one time to build this gyroplane. He was a gifted machinist. I believe to build this aircraft would be a lot for all of the machine work etc... Definitely a lot better than I could ever build in the future.

        There are a lot of custom brackets to each part. I did not like his original muffler. Essentially a glass pack muffler with the same length as a Rotax muffler.

        I had welded up a Rotax muffler after trial fitting it. The 503 dual Bing carbed engine ran much smoother and had a broader power curve with the stock Rotax muffler. Monty used ring inserts in his muffler to tune the back pressure. I personally after trying both only would suggest the stock Rotax muffler as I will include it in the sale. The main rotor blades are Benson blades. 10 feet long each with a 5 foot long hub bar. The blades are in wood crates. Not shown. Need to get some help to lift them out for photos possibly Monday. The prop is a 64 inch Warp drive prop. Again 2.58 to 1 Rotax b reduction.

        I am located in Utah. Prefer if someone would pick it up in person with their own trailer.


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          Here are some fine machined details. Look at the custom bracket to the airspeed indicator and custom throttle with choke.


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            Here are some photos of the engine cylinders during removal of his glass pack muffler. Monty had flown about 25 to 30 hours on his aircraft before selling it to me. I used to hang out while he flew it. He injured his back at his machining job, so could no longer fly. I have kept it all these years, but realize I'm just storing it and not really using it. I hope someone who appreciates such an aircraft and committed to flight training and or someone who wants to spend less time building could benefit from this more modern safer designed aircraft. It has a higher center if thrust line, so decreased risk of powered push overs. He sold a couple hundred plans of this aircraft along with wood blade plans that I would include with this aircraft. I believe he eventually sold his plans rights to Rotor hawk from memory. So, this was his last built aircraft/protype.


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              More fine machining details. Aluminum tail rudder.


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                Hydraulic disc brakes


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                  Someone asked how much i wanted. Not sure what it is worth? Complete aircraft with everything to fly. It still needs new hoses. But other than that it is complete as when Monte Hoskins flew it. How's $6,500.00 or best offer?


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                    The 5 foot hub bar is wrapped in felt carpet liner on top of the wood crate which holds 2 10 foot Benson main rotor blades. If you have thought about saving time instead of building. This complete aircraft could save you a lot of time building. And instead you could be flying or taking lessons sooner. Make any reasonable offer for this original 3DRV ultralight. This has been garaged all of its life other than when Monte flew it. I have no kids, so this aircraft has had no damage from kids playing on it.


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                      I will include my original assembly manual with the included plans. It entails the exact CAD drawings in a separate bound book. And also the separate assembly manual.

                      I will include also my original manual on how Monte Hoskins built wood blades for his prior Benson styled aircraft prior to him building this taller center of gravity thrust line safer aircraft for decreased risk for powered push overs.
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                        Hey Bill Im here in Tremonton, have been for 3 years. Selling my house and moving on again. Good to see you still have the old machine. If my buddy Steve hadn't sold his I might have bought it back from you so he and I could go flying together. take care, if someone needs in for on the machine let me know. thanks