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Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

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  • Tandem carbon fiber fuselage gyroplane project FOR SALE! $5,995

    FOR SALE: Carbon fiber tandem gyroplane project with NEW 28' Dragon Wings Cruiser rotorblades
    & NEW RFD rotorhead: $5,495.

    Price lowered $500 to move it along. NOW $5495. Spoke w/ the original, the one and only, "Louie", world famous rotorblade manufacturer, today (05-08-18) concerning slight damage to the one rotorblade. Since the scuffed area is on leading edge (spar) at the root of the blade, where it bolts to the hub bar, then it is inconsequential, and can be sanded out w/ 600 grade sandpaper and then buffed out w/ compound to restore to excellent condition. This will be completed by me in the next week or so). He said if damage was out at the outboard end (tip), it would be not wise to attempt to repair or fly w/ it.

    Willing to deliver to western states of USA (Colorado westward) for that price. Delivery further
    eastward in USA additional for only actual mileage costs! Willing to ship out of country if all costs are

    Prior owner in California built the body, engine cowling, body stiffeners, seats, and bulkheads out of
    carbon fiber. Those items are ready to be floxed/fiberglassed onto the inside of fuselage.
    Horizontal stabilizer constructed in fiberglass. No vertical rudder, or mast section, or controls were

    Have an extremely low mileage (400 miles) Yamaha Genesis snowmobile engine still in the sled
    complete w/ wiring harness, and original muffler available for $4,000, if purchaser wanted to go
    Yamaha for flying this project. 120 horses. I test drove sled on grass sod farm up to 70 MPH prior to
    purchasing. There was still some throttle left when I chickened out @ that speed. This is the same
    make & model of Yamaha engine I fly on my Sport Copter gyroplane. See my avatar above for picture.

    If purchaser wanted Yamaha engine along with this carbon fiber tandem gyroplane project, then
    instead of $9,995, combined engine and this project would be $2,000 less, for $7,995!

    Latest costs of RFD double bearing rotorhead and 28' Cruiser Dragon Wings rotorblades is
    approximately $4,000.

    Prior owner stated that he had approximately 350 hours of labor to bring the fuselage and associated
    parts to this point. Body & engine cowling were finish sanded and appear to be close to being paint-

    Originally was designed for a Rotec radial engine that was sold by builder to another party.
    Consequently, no motor mount is included, but designer/builder included hard points into the carbon
    fiber firewall to attach an engine.

    New: Dragon Wings 28' Cruiser rotorblades. 4' hub bar w/ each blade 12' in length. In original box as
    shipped from Rotary Flight Dynamics.

    Slight scuff on end of one rotorblade (see photos) occured while pictures were being taken and it fell
    off cart about 2' onto concrete driveway!

    Also, small nick (see photo) on leading edge of one rotorblade. I do not know how that nick came to
    be, and possibly occured from prior owner who purchased them from RFD.

    New: Dominator double bearing rotorhead. White grease still present on teeter bearings on towers
    when shipped from manufacturer.

    Landing gear legs are supposed to be from a Cessna 140, and are heavy-duty steel! Wheel hubs
    (possibly new) and tires (brand new, still have the long nubs on the tread from the manufacturer). Tail
    wheel is reported to be from a Maule, and can be either locked for straight use, or made to castor. Is
    used, and in need of rebuild from available kits. Wheel fairings are used.

    Yellow tape is on fuselage to keep plastic in place over cockpits and end of tail to keep dust, etc. out.

    Many photos posted below in this thread.

    Contact either email (my exact rotary forum name, or phone or text @: 503-505-
    thirteen, forty-four.
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    Additional photos of tandem carbon fiber gyroplane project.


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        RFD rotorhead & rotorblades.


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                This forum's software does not allow changes to be made in title of thread. My first post reflects price drop of $500 to move project. An advertisement for this project for sale is going on next week, if not sold on here shortly.