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Fixed Wing PP requirements to fly Gyr

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  • Fixed Wing PP requirements to fly Gyr

    I have searched for an answer but still a little confused. What is required for a fixed wing private pilot to legally fly a single place gyro (Dual , solo and ground school requirements)?
    Was also also curious about cost of liability insurance for a single place gyro. I have asked my Insurance company that insures my RV3 but havenít heard back yet.

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    Most of us seem to be flying as sport pilots, where it's an endorsement. An instructor signs you off to do a proficiency test with another instructor, and you're all set.

    There are only a couple of insurers who deal with gyroplanes, and liability only seems to run around $1500 for a 2 seater. Not sure what a single seater would cost - that'd be a question an insurance agent should be able to answer. I use Denise Porter, Aviation West Insurance Brokers in California ([email protected]).


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      Thanks. Thatís encouraging about the training requirements. Hopefully insurance for single place will be s lot less. I use USAA/Falcon for my RV3 liability only and itís about $295. I sent them a email but havenít heard back. Falcon just acts as a broker and gets quotes from the underwriter.


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        A Sport-Pilot ENDORSEMENT is relatively easy, but you will be limited to SP privileges. Day, VFR, etc.
        An endorsement. from a CFI. 2 to 20 hours of dual time needed, but about 10 hours will be typical.

        For a PP Gyro RATING is covered in FAR 61.109(d) which states the requirement for 40 hours of flight time,
        it doesn't specify that an applicant for a gyroplane rating must have 40 flight hours in a gyroplane.
        You probably already have 40+ hours in FW aircraft.

        Specifically, you must obtain the following flight experience in a gyroplane:
        3 hours of cross-country training;
        3 hours of night flight training including one cross-country flight more than 50 nm in total distance,
        10 Night takeoffs and landings to a full stop;
        10 hours of solo, which include three hours of cross-country flight more than 75 nm in distance and to three different airports,
        3 takeoffs and landings at a towered airport.
        And Three hours of flight-test preparation;

        - - - - -

        A one Million dollar Liability policy will typically be about $1500 a year as stated.
        Dual or single will make little difference.
        If you lawn-dart either type into a house, The damages from the fire will be the same.

        Collision and comprehensive seems to run about 10% of the declared value.
        An $80,000 Gyro will run about $8,000 for a year of coverage.
        You can add Comprehensive that covers the Airframe for Fire, Theft, other accidents as long as the Rotor is NOT Turning to a liability policy for another few hundred dollars.


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          My Magni is has hull coverage for $65K, at around $4800. I did get a ~$7000 quote though. Supposedly there was another insurer looking at the market, and hopefully they'll be cheaper (not sure why they'd bother if they're as / more expensive though). I was hoping to get a rate reduction this year, as I'll have >100 hours on type, but now I'm starting to think that's unlikely :(


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            I have about 1350 hours fixed wing. I went to my first tailwheel airplane about 350 hours ago and saw a jump from my nosewheel Piper Colt. Still my liability was only $350 and dropped to $295 after getting a few more tailwheel hours. I just called Falcon for a ball park liability only quote for a single place Dominator and will post what they have to say.


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              I just discovered that Falcon also writes the insurance sponsored by the EAA. I think it would be up our benefit if the PRA could get with the EAA and sponser insurance option for gyros. It possibly provide some good low cost coverage.


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                I think Falcon was my ~$7000 quote. My ~$4800 policy is with QBE.