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A magical flight instructor experience.

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  • A magical flight instructor experience.

    Dave is a primary student (no previous ratings) and had eight hours of dual instruction in his log book.

    I had not flown with Dave in six weeks because of his scheduling and repairs to The Predator.

    He was feeling very cautious about the lapse in his schedule so we downsized our plans from his first cross-country to pattern work.

    Dave is already more prepared for his cross country than most; he was feeling unsure about some of the details.

    This decision perfectly reflects what I try to teach about never hurrying aviation and donít get too focused on the goal that you do things you are not comfortable with.I was already feeling good about his aviation decision making before the big Lycoming came to life.

    His start up and taxi was by the check list.

    His call to ground was perfect; the run-up was correctly done as was the call to the tower.

    In the beginning I offer lots of advice and hints.As someone learns I am trying to prepare them for my absence so I try to talk less and wait to see what mistakes they will make and help them after they make them.

    I laughed out loud when his first takeoff was picture perfect.

    Most gyroplane accidents are on takeoff so this is important to me.

    One of the things I work on refining is the turns in the pattern.I want a nice 90 degree turn with no loss of altitude and consistent airspeed.This is harder than it sounds and with most of my clients I am still working on this when I sign them off for their check ride.The practical test standard is plus or minus ten degrees.

    Daveís turns were perfect.The entrance was deliberate, the roll in and roll out very consistent and within a few degrees of our selected heading.

    On downwind mid field on our fourth pattern it was time to make the call and Dave noticed he did not have a side tone and the frequency was not highlighted on the radio.He understood why I wanted him to squawk 7600 and did it without hesitation as I took over flying the aircraft, he checked the things I asked him to check and restored the radio in time to hear ATC say gyroplane Two Mike Golf if you can hear me; runway three zero clear to land."

    "Sorry; temporary radio issue, Gyroplane Two Mike Golf runway three zero clear to land" was his reply without hesitation.

    I could not have created a better test of his response under pressure or asked for a better performance.He changed the transponder back to VFR and made a nearly perfect landing despite the disruptions to the routine.This is what a flight instructor dreams of as he thinks about someone he has soloed and wonders how he will react when something doesn't go right.

    We made seven nice takeoffs and landings in eight tenths of an hour and his shutdown was by the checklist.
    In other words it was a perfect mission flying to better than commercial standards with just nine hours in the logbook of a primary student.

    I love having clients like Dave because they make me look good and their progress brings me joy.
    Dave getting ready for hour nine of dual instruction.
    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI

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    Thanks for sharing this, Vance. I hope to be as good a student when training starts.


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      Thanks for sharing this, Vance. I hope to be as good a student when training starts.


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        Glad to have you along and thinking about the lesson Brian Jackson.

        Dave is a remarkable individual and I am proud to know him.

        He works hard at being Dave and sometimes I have to remind him to have fun.

        Every one is different Brian Jackson and you will learn as fast as you learn.

        I was a very slow learner and yet I feel I have become a proficient pilot.

        I don't do the basics any better than Dave.

        I am going to enjoy the pilot he becomes.

        My experience gives me a broader range of flying skills.

        I have no doubts you and Dave will get there.
        Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI