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PRA Convention - A ride to get the feel of an Autogyro

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  • PRA Convention - A ride to get the feel of an Autogyro

    Good day all

    I was at the PRA convention until last night, Friday, August 3, 2015. And I started asking around accompanied by David McCutcheon. I met Steve (not Scott) McGowan, Christine Toevs, and a few others. ( thanks Dave....)

    I was lucky enough to find a slot for a demonstration ride in a Magni. I was back seat and the front seat was occupied by Greg Gremminger. Greg is one fine pilot to be taking instruction from. I did not know what to expect, and was given a hands on experience.

    I have been away from flying since I was grounded, but I am building an ultralight and I will need some training time eventually, so I asked and paid for an orientation to the Magni. I needed to get the feel of what an autogyro can do. And I came away more sure than ever that I made the correct decision to go Autogyro. And he explained a lot in the 2:00 PM Briefing I attended with many others.

    When we went up, he trimmed the aircraft, and I was given the stick to see what the feel of the ship was like. The stick was easy, and as usual for me, I overcontrolled at first, and Greg reminded me of it. the rotor is the wing, and does not need a lot of influence. I started making smaller adjustments and not so many like I did in the C-150/C-172s I flew a decade back. And the gyro was not affected very much by thermals at all...unlike fixed wing craft I am familiar with.

    All I can say right now is WOW......I am hooked.....

    Thank you Greg!!!

    Curtis Scholl
    PRA 43249
    Ex EAA...
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    met Scott McGowan
    That would be STEVE McGowan
    I hope you enjoyed yourself. Convention attendance was off a bit this year, (just my observations); But I hope you had a great time and will come again.
    David McCutchen
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      I had the most fun since a Disney Epcot Center (first visit ever) 5 years back. I was at the PRA convention in Mentone last year. The pictures I took this year turned out mostly great.
      This will be an annual thing for me, count on it. And one day soon I hope to have the GyroBee built and flying. Thanks for showing me around!!

      Curtis Scholl
      PRA Chapter 63
      PRA 43249