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  • Expectations vs reality

    To anyone thinking about taking a flight in a gyro, I have some thoughts after spending the day flying the Predator with Vance:

    Expectation 1 - Following this forum for a couple of years and watching every you tube video on the web caused me to believe that gyro tip over easy, crash easy, dangerous, and a handful to take off and fly. Reality - I had a blast, enjoyed the day and never felt that I was in danger. Experiencing a gyro exceeded my expectations! Balancing the nose on takeoff is challenging but I will master it eventually.

    Expectation 2 - I view the role of a CFI as part coach, part drill Sargent, and part shrink. Reality - Vance has the right mix of all three.

    Expectation 3 - I specifically wanted to test the gyro in windy conditions to assess whether it would be flyable in Mesquite NV. Itís very windy in the Las Vegas area. Reality - we flew in some nasty winds and turbulence that I wouldnít care to fly my fw in. Not that I couldnít but it would be a lot of work and not as fun. The Predator was a rock against all kinds of winds and rotors off the hills.

    Expectation 4 - i did expect the performance to be incredible. Reality - I was not disappointed. I was surprised how long the rotor energy is sustained when landing. I was amazed how well it performed in steep turns.

    Expectation 5 - I took a trike ride and absolutely hated it. I am afraid of heights and the pendulum sensation of the trike freaked me out. I fully expected the gyro to swing around just like a trike. I also expected the rotor to be pushed around by wind gusts just like a trike wing. Reality - it feels very much smoother and resistant to wind gusts than flying a fw. The slower speed, lower altitude, and awesome view of the ground is amazing. No fear of heights for me! A gyro is not some wacky contraption that is only flown by nut jobs with a death wish.

    I encourage everyone interest in gyros to take a flight. Flying a gyro is a great experience. You donít have to be a top gun pilot with unusually great skills to get up in the air and enjoy it.

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    Thank you for the kind words Tim and thank you for working to debunk the myths.

    I am behind on my writing and I am booked solid for the next 11 days so it will be a while before I can write about our adventures.

    Suffice it to say in more than two hours of flying Tim; a 150 hour fixed wing sport pilot did everything to practical test standards even though for the first mission we were flying just for fun (.8 hours flying around the weather to SBP).

    One reason he was a joy to fly with (there were many) was because when I made a suggestion he implemented it and our last landing was the best. I love progress and love imagining I am a brilliant flight instructor.

    I only took the controls once to defend The Predator from a hard landing.

    I feel gyroplanes have a reputation for being difficult to fly because people want to justify their own failures and their failure to follow the guidelines from their CFIs that result in substantial damage to the aircraft.

    I make mistakes too. I try to accept responsibility for the mistake so I can learn from them rather than pretend it wasn't my fault.
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    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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      Actually there are a lot of us nut jobs with a death wish that do fly these wacky contraptions.and wouldn't you know these have turned out to be the safest machines in the air,

      go figure !!!
      Best Regards,
      Eddie Sigman,Polvadera,nm
      (575) 835-4921