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Surviving The Wires Invironment

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  • Surviving The Wires Invironment

    This was posted when it was released a few years ago. Never hurts to review it again 🤔

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    Thanks for posting that link, Boots. It was solid information, confirming what Vance spoke to the other day. He hit the nail on the head, with his definitive comments about how accidents happen due to improper trains of thought starting before one ever enters the aircraft. It happens with cars and boats too. 46 years ago, I defined becoming educated as: "gaining new attitudes of thought."



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      In my opinion knowledge helps to mitigate the risks associated with anything aviation.

      I feel a responsibility as a CFI to attempt to pass on what I know that might enhance aviation safety.

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity and the motivation to post about such things Frank.

      If people weren't curious there wouldn't be much point in posting.

      I have lived much of my life in a risk taking environment; motorcycles, motorcycle road racing, Bonneville land speed racing, flying experimental gyroplanes and teaching others to fly experimental gyroplanes.

      Some of my successes at still being alive today have to do with luck and some have to do with constantly working to mitigate the risk.

      I like to pass on what I have learned in the hope it may help to mitigate the risk of living.
      Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI