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Flew the Vortex M912 today for first time!

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  • Flew the Vortex M912 today for first time!

    Flew the Vortex M912 today for first time. Fun to fly.
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    Congratulations Dave!
    Was this your first solo?
    How many hours did it take?
    Best Regards, Vance
    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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      Congrats. You are one up for the first time. That alone makes things nifty. But Vortex rotor-head is known to be quick because the offset is barely there.


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        Vance - Yes this was my first first solo in Vortex M912! I have flown a bunch more today since we finally got a good weather day for flying. Lots of fun. No issues with taking off, flying or landing.

        The Rotax 912 throws you back into the seat when you add the throttle to take off. Still getting use to the single seat vs dual seat operation. Dual seat is much more stable, but I enjoy the responsiveness of the Vortex M912. It is slower than the Apollo for cruise since I couldn't keep up with my friend Barry in his Apollo. Maybe I can change the prop pitch to get more cruise speed?

        The MGI radio wasn't working with my David Clark headset so have to get something better since it was way too loud with the DC headset. I ended up going back to the airport and getting ear plugs and some plain old ear protection. Much better! :-) Any recommendations on headset/helmet combo? Prefer something not so bulkie if there is such a setup.

        I had a total of 14 hours training in Apollo (912/914), AR-1 (912/914) and MTOSport (912) including a short solo in the MTOSport gyro for 3 takeoffs/landings which really helped with the transition. I was very nervous before the first flight in the Vortex M912, but after I got up in the air and got use to how it flew I was much more comfortable flying it. Landings seem to be easier than the Apollo, AR-1 and MTO that I flew with my training. I'm assuming they have bigger rotors than the Vortex? On the Vortex M912 the stick is slightly to the right for straight and level flight during cruise which is different from flying my Cub.

        Once I fix the radio/headset setup I'll be all set to do more flying.

        Fara - I'll have to read more about the offset you mentioned. Thanks.