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Bensen Models - Sequence of designs

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  • Bensen Models - Sequence of designs

    Hi Folks:

    This is for the historians out there.

    With regard to the various Models of Bensen GyroCopter, From the B-7 Model to the B-19/20, I would like to know the progression. I had a set of plans for the B-7 that I purchased from Vortech back in the early 90's. Round tubes with plywood and steel strap rotor blades.

    Then came the B-8?

    When did the B19/B20 come into existence?
    When did Bensen change his mind about a plywood blade versus a Douglas Fir board shaped for the airfoil with the steel strap?

    Any and all clues welcomed.

    Thanks in advance

    Curtis Scholl
    Saline Michigan

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    I would recommend his book. It's probably in there.


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      Thanks for the tip.

      Curtis S.


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        I'm not familiar with a Bensen Doug-fir blade design -- which doesn't mean it didn't exist. I learned to fly gyros using the kit version of the B-8 wooden blades. They had a full-length, tapered steel-strap spar, visible on the underside of the blade, and a plywood spar immediately above the steel strap, screwed to it. The skins were mahogany plywood and the leading edge was pine. The blades were hollow aft of the back edge of the plywood spar. They looked like fine furniture if well-finished in clear varnish.


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          Got the book, but there is no reference of the B19/B20.
          Checking for other sources.

          Doug Riley:

          The B19-B20 plans from Vortech that I found on the web show the build of the doug fir blades in three separate pages of the plans with the built in coning angle. Page 8 Part 1, is the blade itself.

          The plans for the B7 and B8 showed the built up blades. Mahogany plywood with pine.... I had a set of B7 plans with the universal mount bearing and overhead control stick. 1990's time frame.
          Don't remember what I did with them.


          Curtis Scholl