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L'Aérophile / What is a turn?

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  • L'Aérophile / What is a turn?

    For those who read French, it may be interesting to know that many issues of the French aviation magazine 'L'Aérophile' can be found in the website 'Gallica'. This magazine, founded in1893 and published till the late 1940s, is extremely valuable as a witness of the early years of aviation, and many articles are still perfectly valid today, for example, this one about the turn, written by the Spanish aviation pioneer Emilio Herrera.

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    C'est merveilleux!!!

    Skimming through the issue I came a cross an article about airplane design and it is interesting to notice that in 1942(!) the world record over 2000km with a charge of 10 tonnes was held by the Savoia Marchetti SM-75, an aircraft of mixed steel tubing and plywood construction!

    Your find comes just in time to get you through the winter season looking forward to some great reading. Great stuff Javier, thanks for posting!

    PS: searching for "autogire" turns up the one below, amongst others
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