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South African article on gyro crashes!

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  • South African article on gyro crashes!

    Interesting & well put!
    Chris T.
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    +1 good article

    I am surprised about the crashes due to engine outs from performing self maintenance Those shouldn't be fatal, right? Maybe they were at low altitude on take off?

    I have only one session under my belt but I can relate to how invisible wires are. I was shocked how difficult they were to see even when Vance told they were there! It's something you never worry about in a FW.


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      Look for poles carrying the wires in addition to the wires. The poles are generally more visible from above. Only had one issue with this method on final to an airport where poles were on other side of a runway, and I aborted the landing. On fly over on the go around I saw the wires went under ground then back up to the pole on he approach end of the runway. Quarries will have wires running to offices so watch for those. Wires run across rivers and valleys so make sure you know the location before flying low. Farms have them along roads and between barns.
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        Why would you expect a student on his first flight to do a power off landing?

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          +1 Good reading without the agenda.


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            Good Article; thanks Chris. Power lines, power lines, power lines...................
            There are things in flying that are hard to appreciate until you experience them (close calls at worst hopefully)
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              Good article. I'm embarrassed to admit that I took 70 hours in the UK to get my gyro licence and I already had a fixed wing licence! But I'm glad it took that long as the experience was invaluable.


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                Great article, I almost killed my gyro by having to few hours of dual,I was sure that I only would need
                5 hrs of dual but ended up with 15 hrs,and when I got home I took off in my RAF for the first time,and then
                realized that I was way in over my head with such a short amount of dual.

                Thanks for posting that article Chris,really good Info.
                Best Regards,
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                  It should always be whatever a new student pilot is comfortable with & whatever they need to learn that they really learned it.
                  That's the sign of a good CFI.