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Tercel N640BE Wyoming - 11-6-18

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  • Tercel N640BE Wyoming - 11-6-18

    The FAA ASIAS states "TRENDAK GYROCOPTER EXPERIENCED A HARD LANDING AND FLIPPED OVER, COKEVILLE WY" - injury none - damage is listed as substantial

    This Tercel used to be based in Florida - a look at the FAA Register shows registration pending for Wyoming - assume recent purchase.

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    It is my observation that some people fly without an airworthiness certificate of registration because they feel they won’t get ramped checked.

    I feel it is important to have the paperwork in order in case something doesn’t work out.

    The registration for N640BE says “cert terminated” AKA not airworthy.

    The registration, airworthiness certificate, operating limitations, and pilots license are supposed to be on board any time an aircraft is airborne.

    Registration pending does not make the gyroplane airworthy.

    If one of the two people on board has a pilot certificate or is a CFI there is likely to be an enforcement action. If neither has a pilot certificate there may be some legal hurdles to jump.

    As the pilot in command it is my job to make certain anything I fly has all the paperwork on board.

    The wheels of the FAA turn slowly and I feel there is value in doing things their way.

    Glad there were no injuries.
    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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      A properly handled sale can cause a "sale reported" flag to appear in the FAA database temporarily while the papers are processed through Oklahoma City, but the aircraft can still be operated in the interim if you carry the proper documents on board. You have to mess something up to get "cert terminated" in the records instead. This particular aircraft shows a manufacturing date in 2015, an airworthiness date in 2016, and a registration application early this year so it seems unlikely to be as simple as missing the three-year re-registration requirement. I wonder what happened.