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  • One time offer

    Will make this one time offer as follows

    Have a brand new "goped" type engine that I bought a couple of years ago, never installed or run (small crack in plastic muffler cover) with reduction gear box and ROPE START OR ELECTRIC START. Biggest problem I find is I cannot find how to mount it, no extra bolt holes or bosses, just the bolts for the gear box with the centrifugal clutch. But where there is a will there is a way. This must have run a gas powered drill or such where you held onto the tool.

    Here's the pitch !!

    If you are a PRA chapter or club and have a gyroglider with a rudder and a HS and are active in training and would like to make the glider rotor capable of pre-rotation like JENS shows in post #32 but use a Goped type engine, I will give your chapter/club this engine, I think It is worth about $200 but it will be NO CHARGE , you just have to design it and install for good use in promoting gyros

    First come First gets it that meets the qualifications


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    Nice deal, but don't worry about having a HS on a towed gyroglider. It will have no effect, since the thrust of the towline is a couple orders of magnitude larger than the forces generated by a HS at 35 or so mph.


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      Hi Doug

      Your quite right about the HS and the tow rope, I was just thinking about the value of the HS during the "cut loose". Probably very little but might help to give a "feel".



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        Very generous offer and since I am building a Gyro Glider and plan to put a pre-rotator on it, I was sorely tempted to take you up on it. However I want my Gyro Glider to first and foremost be a trainer for people who want to fly a Butterfly Ultralight and since I want it to be as close to what they will transition into as possible, I am going to stay with an electric pre-rotator. But I am sure someone will take you up on this offer. Again that is very kind of you. Best of luck to whoever decides to take on this project.
        Doug Barker - Layton, Utah
        PRA 2 Chapter Pres.


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          I was thinking that I probably has a use for this engine, but after I check, I can't not used this type of engine.
          Last edited by KM500; 10-26-2016, 07:51 PM. Reason: I was confuse on type of engine


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            This thread is 6 years old. Tony has passed away as well.
            Tom Milton, PRA Director, Need a DAR, Seat tank, Prerotator, Rotor Brake, or Rotor Tach?
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