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    Hi Rick.

    Could you please elaborate about the Bee tail? Area (or size) of vertical stab and angle? I would like a tall hinged tail, but right now it's too much Work.
    Instead an angular offset on a Watson tail (made to look like a Piper Cub tail) would Work, I think. And I've seen the Aviomania Genesis also has the horizontal stab offset.

    Originally posted by RICK MARTIN View Post
    I'm no engineer, but I can show you what worked for me on my Bee.

    I looked at as many other machines as I could and estimated the shape and size for this tail group. I had a buddy who worked for an airline and he got me some old floorboard (the aluminum honeycomb and fiberglass stuff). I cut it to shape, filled the edges with marine fiberglass products and had maybe $60 bucks in this tail. This machine was a beautifully docile machine in the air and on the ground. I did mount the fixed vertical fin with an offset to compensate for not having a tall tail. I could fly "feet off" and "hands off". I still have the templates I made from some masonite board.


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      5-6 square feet of area for each of the vertical unit and the horizontal unit is about right. The Watson horizontal is six sq. ft. The Watson vertical is a little skimpy at four-ish sq. ft., but can be improved by widening it at the top.

      Based on tests of propwash over gyro tails at Bensen Days several years ago, I'd suggest putting the horizontal stab higher than Rick Martin had his (though Rick kindly let me fly this gyro once and it flew fine -- but this was just a fun ride, not a test flight). The propwash is a good 1/3 smaller in diameter than the prop itself at low airspeeds -- which is just the time you most NEED the propwash over the H-stab.