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    Hi group I am fairly new to the Gyro Pilot community, a cross over from the PPC world. I know of some Gyro Pilots in Kansas but trying to survey all Kansas Gyro Pilots. I would like to know if Kansas Pilots (and any other Pilots from close by states) would be interested in a "Get Together" to meet and socialize? I would be willing to host a gathering at our home with some food and beverage if interested. Would be looking at a time frame between February/March to break up the winter BLUES. Thought it would be nice to meet pilots in the area and discuss GYRO's. Trying to gather general opinions of this idea so if interested please send me an email with title "Get Together" and if you like any contact info you wish to share and I will keep a list and keep you informed of status of a Get Together. Hope to meet all area Pilots contact me at Safe flights and blue skies!

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      YESSSSS ......I have been kicking the idea around for a couple of years as we get more "heartland" gyro fliers ... the time is ripe for a KS gyro-meet ... love the idea to kick off the spring flying year with gyro gathering ..... I have also toyed with the idea to meet at Beaumont Hotel ( accommodation & meals) ...& fuel @ Eureka ...15 min flight away ...for a flint-Hills fly-in week end!
      Now I just have to stay home more to DO more local stuff ... KS air tour etc EAA ... fly-meets!
      We have a couple of gyros@ Eureka ... Manhattan, you , me , ??? Bob Osbourne in Fredonia & Rod Driskol in Wellington ...who else is out there???
      Chris T.
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