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    Hi all -

    I'm new the community and am working to gather up as much information as possible. I'm a PPL in the US, and currently fly fixed-wing airplanes - generally Cubs / Champs / Aviat Huskys . etc. I've been thinking of building an aircraft, and recently was 'given' a 0 hr TT VW / HAPI 60hp engine, currently in a 'pull' (aircraft) configuration.

    I'm very tempted to build a single-place gyro around this engine, understanding that it will need to be converted into some form of pusher configuration. As I mentioned, I'm new to the community and would be interested in understanding or receiving recommendations on what gyro kits would be ideal for this platform.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks

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    What do you weigh, altitude you will be flying, how heavy is the planned machine? 60 hp not much oomph.