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Ferry a Vortex M912 from Washington State to North Carolina

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  • Ferry a Vortex M912 from Washington State to North Carolina

    So the title says it all. I am considering purchasing a Sport Copter Vortex M912 that is currently in Washington State and would need an experienced pilot to ferry it to central North Carolina. I know there are people on the Forum who do this, although this would be a long haul. Any other ideas on how I could safely bring it over? Perhaps I would be better off to rent/borrow a trailer and go get it.

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    Russ: I spoke w/ a fellow in KC, MO, that paid a trucking firm about $1,200 to ship a Sport Copter Lightning gyro and rotorblade box from the east coast to his location, about 1K miles. Just rolled it onto the truck.

    If this is the Spokane SC for sale, you'd be looking @ about 2,500 miles...


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      If trailered, I'd highly recommend an enclosed trailer instead of open flatbed. I speak from experience towing my SC around the west on an open trailer. Lots of dust, occasionally getting rained on, turns all that dust into sludge in all the nooks & crannies of the gyro. Not a way to treat that M-912 that is in such pristine of condition...


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        Russ: Are you buying the enclosed trailer/hangar from Larry also?


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          Yes, it is the Spokane SC. I talked to him about the enclosed hangar/trailer, but it is just as it appears, primarily a hangar. Good for 20 miles or so, and not very fast at that. I agree that bringing it back on an open trailer is a bad idea. I am thinking about flying out and driving it back in a rented truck. Will need to be a sizable truck due to the width of the wheelbase. Would need to figure out how to safely secure it in the truck without drilling holes in the floor to add attachent points, as well as devise a ramp I can make out there and bring back with me. Any thoughts?