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Hours VS Airworthy on MTO

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  • Hours VS Airworthy on MTO

    Sorry for so many questions but really appreciate the insights before I jump into the Autogyro world. are there hour limits on airframe and major components such as rotor/pre-rotor blades and bearings before no longer airworthy? Thanks all.

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    Yes and the specific information is available on line.
    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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      You might look at this. I believe it is from June of 2016. Please note some of these things do change over time with revisions etc. This will also list service limits for inspections.

      RogerS in Emporia


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        It depends - Are you referring to "autogyros" as a generic, or the specific manufacturer AutoGyro GmbH?

        Stainless steel is used extensively by AutoGyro as a structural material in its products, and has some desirable properties, but it becomes brittle over time when subjected to vibration. There are major components of machines built this way which are subject to hour limits. The extruded aluminum blades are also time-limited.

        As others have said, specifics are available online.
        Paul W. Plack
        Private ASEL, SP Gyroplane
        Secretary, URA & PRA2
        Editor, Western Rotorcraft