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    You do impressive work. Thanks for sharing!
    Resistance is futile…… You will be compiled!
    John Rountree

    PRA- Director
    PRA- Volunteer Coordinator

    PRA31 - Vice President of S.D. Rotorcraft Club

    U.S. Agent for Aviomania Aircraft... the most stable gyroplane on the market today.
    See: Aviomania USA

    OEM Dealer for MGL Avionics - glass cockpit EFIS for Experimental aircraft Ask about DISCOUNTS for PRA MEMBERS


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      Thank you for the kind words. If it is interesting, I will share further. :)
      The work is gradually moving.


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        A small slide show on the project of an aluminum gyroplane pulling type


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          The assembling of the aluminum gyroplane pulling type is continuing, - the bottom casing was riveted, the internal cavities were primed, the noise insulation was pasted, the chassis was prepared from the Mi-2 helicopter.



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            work continues
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              Prior to this project the pulling gyroplane was assembled and flown the first aluminum gyroplus pushing type, which now acquired a new owner. Amortized front fork, folding mast, aluminum riveted body, preliminary spinning of the rotor by two electric starters with PWM control, plastic tubes for the transport of blades and much more.


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                We drove the hydraulic promotion of another three-seat gyroplane, ahead of the test with the rotor.



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                  Originally posted by Kevin_Richey View Post
                  An apology...

                  Vladimir: I believe I owe you an apology since I assumed in the first youtube video linked in post #41 was a Sport Copter "Sport Rotor" blade. Being in either the Russian or Ukrainian language, which I do not know, I could only assume since the words Sport Copter being used twice in the beginning of the video, along with what appears to be Sport Rotors hub-attachment/plate pieces laying on top of the rotorblade prior to the bending examples, that it was a Sport Rotor being bent.

                  If I understand you correctly now, that rotorblade was an attempt to copy a SC-Sport Rotor, using that very soft alloy that proved to be not what anyone wished to fly under. If this is so, them I'm sorry to have jumped to a conclusion that you guys were showing a Sport Rotor being bent and re-bent several times.

                  Please explain about the apparent line/kink in that rotorblade under the tape shown on that rotorblade's airfoil (upper skin) side. The metal straightening tools were shown. Was that blade pristine, or damaged, prior to the video demonstrating it bending?

                  You did mention in post #41 that you and your group are involved in the sales and production of rotorblades...that is where I assumed being involved in sales & production mean you are selling a rotorblade product. I didn't assume you are/were selling Dragon Wings or Sport Rotors. I assumed you are making copies since you said the price of those two rotorblades are too high for your flying group to afford.
                  Kevin! Blades of Mowgli from 6063
                  I was dealer of SC rotors in Russia and Eastern Europe Total i bought about 20 rotors from Jim and Kelly....about 6 years ago i passed them info (look att-t) Producer autogyro Ohotnik is the first company who bent hub of rotor
                  They use engine -subary 3lt 200hp and rotors SC only 32"

                  Video of Ohotnik

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                    Autogyro Ohotnik has nothing to do with me or the topic of this branch, as I do to him, so this message is completely out of place. Moreover, the project has long since died, and the firm has collapsed, as far as I know. Also, Vlad deliberately misleads the people, because I answered questions to Kevin long ago, it was about the "national profile", and we understood each other. Profiles for the blades of my rotors I use from different manufacturers and from different rafts and I myself tell about them, for which I opened this branch to share information about my production and technologies. So I do not need any explanations of an outsider Vlad, who has nothing to do with me, I do not need. He just tries to PR himself on this branch, creating the impression of a knowing person. Let him open his subject and deal with it there.


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                      Aluminum gyroplane pulling type has acquired new details


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                        Carcass of the cabin and the dashboard


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                          Flew on the three-seat autogyro of the Wright brothers over the Volga River and its environs.
                          Autogyro with a large supply of traction, power Honda 187 hp, air screw Lugansk Ukraine, rotor made from aluminum profiles of Russian production of aluminum alloy AD31 (6063), volatile and well-controlled, despite dimensions, walking speed 130 km / h, 92 - 95 petrol. A good overview thanks to the one-piece cap.
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                            The assembly is continued by an aluminum gyroplane, a hydraulic-type rotor control is mounted, the carcass is assembled, air intakes and seat backs are riveted.



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                              A lot of time takes the manufacture of small aluminum parts of complex shape and their conjugation. However, the matter is moving.


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                                Sewed the roof, left to fix the transparent polycarbonate