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    Thanks guys. Jake, yes the sharp points of the tension struts are getting rounded off to match the eyelet faces. Just hadnít gotten that far yet.


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      Haven't posted here in quite some time but have been very busy. I just haven't uploaded photos of progress because it's a lot of redundant operations and you guys have already seen lathing and drilling. But I did get a new milling machine this week. I've never used one before so will be learning. Didn't originally plan to buy one but for the way I want to do a few of the parts there just wasn't a good way to produce the geometry otherwise. The machine was much heavier than expected and even more awkward to move, but got it set up, did the spindle break-in procedure and ran a test on a scrap piece. Wow... loving this machine so far. Have to invest in bits and proper clamping but even using what I had laying around it did an awesome job. Hoping to finish the remaining pieces for the landing gear soon.

      On a personal note I accepted an offer last month for a position in NYC doing engineering and 3D modeling, designing mansions for the super-rich. Great job but demanding hours and a lengthy bus commute. So I've been using the hours in transit reading every post in the Builder's Corner archives in reverse chronological order. Up to 2010 currently. Wish the forum was still that active but thankful so much good information is still there. What an amazing wealth of knowledge. Still can't access it through Chrome on my Android phone but the company provided me with an iPhone that seems to work OK with the forum using the Safari browser.

      Will post more photos when there's something interesting to show and tell.