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Rotorcraft day at 8T8

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  • Rotorcraft day at 8T8

    9 March will be rotorcraft day at the EAA meeting at San Geronimo, 8T8, at about 1130. I'm passing this along for a friend in that EAA chapter. I do plan to attend with my gyro. My recollection of past events there also involved presentations and food. Ray

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    If all goes well, I should get my gyro back from it's annual/ADS-B install in the next week, and will fly it to 8T8 on 9 March. If I understand correctly, Kris Kelly will fly his very cool green Calidus to the event also. Ray


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      Weather should clear by late morning, so I plan to be there. My gyro is back from the "condition inspection". The ADS-B SkyBeacon did not work out but I've posted that elsewhere. Ray


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        Good weather and a good rotorcraft day at 8T8, San Geronimo, near San Antonio for the chapter 35 EAA meeting. The speaker was Kris Kelly and he gave a very good presentation on modern gyroplanes and their flight characteristics to an attentive audience. Kris did some demo flights in his 2017 Calidus which impressed the crowd of aviators who had lots of questions. There were also some H2O2 powered helicopters.....yep!


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          Sorry I missed out, Ray. Was planning to go but a front came through right at my planned departure time and I wasn’t keen on dealing with that.

          How many attendees? Any good presentations?