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Pancake breakfast at San Geronimo (8T8)

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  • Pancake breakfast at San Geronimo (8T8)

    I'll be attending the EAA chapter breakfast at San Geronimo (8T8) this morning 0900-1200 in my gyro. At least one other gyro is scheduled to attend. For future note, a U2/B52/T38, pilot will be the speaker at the 8 September meeting there. I'll report on today's fly-in when I return home this afternoon. I attended the lunch fly-in last week at Bulverde and the gyro generated lots of interest with the attendees and host CFIs.

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    Fun gathering at San Geronimo. Paul Erb was there with his Magni as well. I wasn't very proud of my landing, but it was a nice group of folks and many interesting planes. The pancakes were pretty good too!


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      The EAA Chapter 35 Fly-In and Texas Breakfast is always a great place to go... and there is Breakfast! HYI->1t8->8T8 The other good thing is the flight is done, back in the hanger before you're evaporated by the sun! No fun flying at 3000 to stay cool. Took the scenic route on the way back passing over Medina and Canyon lakes. Another benefit of flying... I only saw one other airplane along the route. One really appreciates flying when looking at the lakes, rivers and roads!
      It was great that Ray was able to attend as well! has been a great place to locate local activities.
      Another plus was crossing 300 flight hours!
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      Paul Erb, Sport Pilot Gyro, PRA Chapter 65 Presidente


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        Paul, I tried to post about the upcoming fly-in at 85TE, Old Kingsbury, but I keep getting an error message. The fly-in is 10 Nov 2018, and I thought it was pretty good last year. They had some recent rain, and are checking the condition of the grass runway today. I plan to attend in my gyro. Ray