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First Xenon 4 is registered in Canada

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    More here - Taifun now test flying too


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      is there a canadian PRA ?
      if so I would like to contact them for some stats


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        What IS it about the gyro industry that seems to attract its share of shady characters?

        Rob, I admire how you've gotten away with calling Raphael Celier a "serial liar thief and cheat" and "weasel" without your receiving a scolding from <ahem> . . . (who repeated castigated me for "bashing" RAFSA and Coffin Fritts after two fatal RAF accidents). I applaud your candor!

        I recall reading a thread about Celier's beach takeoff just several feet away from a couple who had to duck out of the way, and was not impressed with him.

        I was apprehensive for Chris Lord when he became the Xenon distributor, but am glad to hear that he seems to have moved on.

        Regards, Kolibri
        PP - ASEL complex (Piper 180, C206, RV-7A), SP - Gyro (Calidus, RAF, SC2), soloed in gliders; checkride soon

        Wasn't happy with my RAF's pitch instability, so I installed a Boyer H-Stab to my great satisfaction!

        When an honest but mistaken man learns of his error, he either ceases to be mistaken -- or he ceases to be honest."