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  • 3D-RV Question

    Hello Forum!

    I was reading about the Rotorwing-Aero 3D-RV. I have the plans from the Peach State site. The landing gear is of the Bensen straight bar type mounted on the drop keel. There was a comment on the Wiki page for the 3D-RV that indicated a landing gear that "was later developed into a high landing gear to set the vertical center of gravity to the prob hub height "

    I would like to understand what that means. Chuck Beatty's three blade gyro had the gear riser going all the way up near his head. IS that what is meant? To position the upper link such that the pushover tendency in a lateraI direction is reduced? i think I read an article about Chuck's machine and why the LG was built the way it was on his three blade unit.

    OR could it just be that the Wiki article is incorrect?

    Thanks in advance.

    Curtis Scholl

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    look up the Dominitor and compare it to a Bensen and you will understand.
    it's the best way I can explain or the drop keel on long legs.

    I'm a gyro Dude now! Bensen FTW



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      Very well...I will do.

      Thanks for the tip.

      Curtis S.


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        It would be very easy to add suspension to the 3D-RV and keep everything else the same. It will add weight but if you do it right you can still keep it light.
        The gear legs do not need to be mounted up high,
        You could copy an air command and be just fine.
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          Ok..I will check it out



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            Hi folks...
            I have been to my first day of the 2017 Mentone gathering. I got a good look at all of the landing gear configurations that were there. Will be there tomorrow as well to look around a lot more. The museum is nice to walk around in too.

            Curtis Scholl


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              HI Folks:

              While at Mentone, I found Bensen\Parson style gyros with the straight tube landing gear and the three strut gear. Some of the three strut gear did not have spring or shock/spring arrangements. I do not want to assume anything here.

              Why would one want to put three leg gear on a gyro but not have a spring or shock/spring on the vertical leg?
              Is the intent to lighten the gear?
              Is the intent to spread the load to the frame rather than have a concentrated stress point on the keel?

              I am sure part of it is in the eye of the designer/builder as to what is intended, but I would consider either a coil spring or bungee for mine.


              Curtis Scholl


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                I don’t know why they put what you call “three leg gear” on a particular gyroplane Curtis.

                A triangle is stronger and lighter than a beam in bending. Two triangles are stronger in two directions.

                Suspension adds weight and more design challenges picking the correct spring/damper combination.

                I like suspension to cover my inelegant landings.

                I feel it is a mistake to look at gyroplanes and imagine it is a good design or that they had a good reason to do something.

                It would have been good to ask the builders why.
                Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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                  Good point. When I was near the bird
                  ​ the owner was not and vice versa. I get your drift about the triangles.